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Boardmasters returns to Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay from 6th - 10th August 2014!

During the Summer months Boardmasters brings you the very best of the beach-side lifestyle. Get away for a festival weekend, try your hand at surfing in Cornwall, watch the pro surf competitions unfold, eat well, drink well (in moderation!) and enjoy a perfect billing of live summer acts, all along the legendary Cornish coastline.

Boardmasters 2013 was headlined by The Vaccines, Basement Jaxx and Ben Howard and our champions of surf were Billy Stairmand (Men's Open), Keshia Eyre (Womens Open), Ben Skinner (Davidoff Cool Water Longboard Pro), Jobe Harris (Pro Junior) and Angus Scotney (Grom Masters). Yiieeeuuuww!

We'll be back before you know it! Grab your flip-flops and your tent and leave your troubles at the gate, we'll see you by the beach!

Skindred Beach Sessions
JETTBLACK Beach Sessions
Fink Beach Sessions
Sunset Sons Beach Sessions
Thomas j speight Beach Sessions
Marcus McCoan Beach Sessions
Chase & Status Main Stage
Dan croll Main Stage
Elli Ingram Main Stage
Ezra Vine Main Stage
Isaiah Dreads Main Stage
Mistajam Main Stage
Saint Raymond Main Stage
The Enemy Main Stage
Tom Vek Main Stage
Darko Unleashed Stage
Freerange DJs Unleashed Stage
Jello Unleashed Stage
Major Look Unleashed Stage
Meridian Dan Unleashed Stage
Re-Defeat vs Grunge Unleashed Stage
Roni Size Unleashed Stage
Ryeland Unleashed Stage
Shy FX Unleashed Stage
Sinprint Unleashed Stage
Snatch The Wax Unleashed Stage
Stanton Warriors Unleashed Stage
The Feud Unleashed Stage
Big Deal Mavericks
Bulletproof Bomb Mavericks
Darlia Mavericks
Flashes Mavericks
Hanterhir Mavericks
Lyger Mavericks
Palma Violets Mavericks
Pastel Colours Mavericks
The Black Tambourines Mavericks
The Bohicas Mavericks
Yuck Mavericks
Adam Harris The Point
Apres' The Point
Ben Remember The Point
Blonde The Point
Bodhi The Point
Boean The Point
Eton Messy DJs The Point
Friend Within The Point
Geometric The Point
Isaac Tichauer The Point
Jonas Rathsman The Point
Josh Clark The Point
Kiri The Point
Bruno Major The View
Charlie Bowdery The View
Charlie Hole The View
Colin Macleod The View
Drew Allen The View
Emily and The Woods The View
HNTR The View
Jack Wallen The View
Jessica McEvoy The View
Nathan Ball The View
Snoop Dogg Main Stage
A Plastic Rose Main Stage
Bipolar Sunshine Main Stage
Current Swell Main Stage
Lewis Watson Main Stage
The Coronas Main Stage
The Cribs Main Stage
The Ramona Flowers Main Stage
Zane Lowe Main Stage
Bat and Ball Unleashed Stage
Deluxx DJ's Unleashed Stage
Duke Dumont Unleashed Stage
Funeral Suits Unleashed Stage
Jac the Disco Unleashed Stage
Le Soso Unleashed Stage
Panda Unleashed Stage
Ry Spenceley Unleashed Stage
Ryan Goldworthy Unleashed Stage
Shift K3y Unleashed Stage
Wilkinson Unleashed Stage
Cerebral Ballzy Mavericks
Coves Mavericks
Cut Mavericks
Dead Kennedys Mavericks
Decade Mavericks
Life Mavericks
Southern Mavericks
Tides Mavericks
Tom Gall Mavericks
Adam Wyatt The Point
Ben Pearce The Point
Billion The Point
Kidnap Kid The Point
Luke Gledhill The Point
My Nu Leng The Point
Piers Kirwan The Point
Premise The Point
TCTS The Point
Daniel Glover The View
John J Presley The View
Kit Trigg The View
LLoyd Yates The View
Marcus McCoan The View
Polly Money The View
Sam Fender The View
Scott Matthews The View
Sounds of Sirens The View
Tom James The View
Bastille Main Stage
Amber Run Main Stage
Boy & Bear Main Stage
Catfish And The Bottlemen Main Stage
George Ezra Main Stage
Mo Main Stage
New Desert Blues Main Stage
Peace Main Stage
Raleigh Ritchie Main Stage
Sunset Sons Main Stage
The Cuban Brothers Main Stage
2ManyDjs (DJ set) Unleashed Stage
Alex Tiernan-Locke Unleashed Stage
Antimatador Unleashed Stage
Breton Unleashed Stage
DJ K.B.S. Unleashed Stage
DJ Proof Unleashed Stage
Goldierocks Unleashed Stage
Jawjii Unleashed Stage
Jonezy Unleashed Stage
Oneman Unleashed Stage
Sean Moyle Unleashed Stage
We Were Evergreen Unleashed Stage
Wild Sleep Unleashed Stage
Evil Devil Mavericks
Ghouls Mavericks
Jaws Mavericks
Patrons Mavericks
Pirate Copy Mavericks
Reel Big Fish Mavericks
Save Your Breath Mavericks
The Magnus Puto Band Mavericks
Verses Mavericks
Ant Durkin The Point
Ashley Thomas The Point
DJ EZ The Point
DJ Wilby The Point
Dosage The Point
monki The Point
Rektchordz The Point
Robbie Boyd The Point
Robin Parris The Point
Roska The Point
The Golden Boy The Point
Toyboy & Robin The Point
Fred Page The View
Gareth & Annie The View
Jimi Goodwin The View
Kerri Watt The View
Kim Churchill The View
Leddra Chapman The View
Robbie Boyd The View
Sam Williams & the Flock of Bats The View
Saturday sun The View
Knytro Unleashed Stage
Blitz Kids Mavericks
Bronx Cheer The Point
Justin Harris The Point
CQ unknown stage
Danny Armstrong unknown stage
Discoguns unknown stage
Drop Djs unknown stage
Frank Hamilton unknown stage
Greg Zizique unknown stage
I Spy unknown stage
Jello unknown stage
King Louie unknown stage
Mongolian Disco unknown stage
Son Of Jack unknown stage
Steve Lid unknown stage
Tom Costelloe unknown stage
Tommie Quick unknown stage
Will Bailey unknown stage
XYconstant unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
2ManyDjs (DJ set) Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
A Plastic Rose Main Stage Sat 9th
Adam Harris The Point Fri 8th
Adam Wyatt The Point Sat 9th
Alex Tiernan-Locke Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Amber Run Main Stage Sun 10th
Ant Durkin The Point Sun 10th
Antimatador Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Apres' The Point Fri 8th
Ashley Thomas The Point Sun 10th
Bastille Main Stage Sun 10th
Bat and Ball Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Ben Pearce The Point Sat 9th
Ben Remember The Point Fri 8th
Big Deal Mavericks Fri 8th
Billion The Point Sat 9th
Bipolar Sunshine Main Stage Sat 9th
Blitz Kids Mavericks Unknown Day
Blonde The Point Fri 8th
Bodhi The Point Fri 8th
Boean The Point Fri 8th
Boy & Bear Main Stage Sun 10th
Breton Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Bronx Cheer The Point Unknown Day
Bruno Major The View Fri 8th
Bulletproof Bomb Mavericks Fri 8th
Catfish And The Bottlemen Main Stage Sun 10th
Cerebral Ballzy Mavericks Sat 9th
Charlie Bowdery The View Fri 8th
Charlie Hole The View Fri 8th
Chase & Status Main Stage Fri 8th
Colin Macleod The View Fri 8th
Coves Mavericks Sat 9th
CQ unknown stage Unknown Day
Current Swell Main Stage Sat 9th
Cut Mavericks Sat 9th
Dan croll Main Stage Fri 8th
Daniel Glover The View Sat 9th
Danny Armstrong unknown stage Unknown Day
Darko Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Darlia Mavericks Fri 8th
Dead Kennedys Mavericks Sat 9th
Decade Mavericks Sat 9th
Deluxx DJ's Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Discoguns unknown stage Unknown Day
DJ EZ The Point Sun 10th
DJ K.B.S. Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
DJ Proof Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
DJ Wilby The Point Sun 10th
Dosage The Point Sun 10th
Drew Allen The View Fri 8th
Drop Djs unknown stage Unknown Day
Duke Dumont Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Elli Ingram Main Stage Fri 8th
Emily and The Woods The View Fri 8th
Eton Messy DJs The Point Fri 8th
Evil Devil Mavericks Sun 10th
Ezra Vine Main Stage Fri 8th
Fink Beach Sessions Thu 7th
Flashes Mavericks Fri 8th
Frank Hamilton unknown stage Unknown Day
Fred Page The View Sun 10th
Freerange DJs Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Friend Within The Point Fri 8th
Funeral Suits Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Gareth & Annie The View Sun 10th
Geometric The Point Fri 8th
George Ezra Main Stage Sun 10th
Ghouls Mavericks Sun 10th
Goldierocks Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Greg Zizique unknown stage Unknown Day
Hanterhir Mavericks Fri 8th
HNTR The View Fri 8th
I Spy unknown stage Unknown Day
Isaac Tichauer The Point Fri 8th
Isaiah Dreads Main Stage Fri 8th
Jac the Disco Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Jack Wallen The View Fri 8th
Jawjii Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Jaws Mavericks Sun 10th
Jello Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Jello unknown stage Unknown Day
Jessica McEvoy The View Fri 8th
JETTBLACK Beach Sessions Wed 6th
Jimi Goodwin The View Sun 10th
John J Presley The View Sat 9th
Jonas Rathsman The Point Fri 8th
Jonezy Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Josh Clark The Point Fri 8th
Justin Harris The Point Unknown Day
Kerri Watt The View Sun 10th
Kidnap Kid The Point Sat 9th
Kim Churchill The View Sun 10th
King Louie unknown stage Unknown Day
Kiri The Point Fri 8th
Kit Trigg The View Sat 9th
Knytro Unleashed Stage Unknown Day
Le Soso Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Leddra Chapman The View Sun 10th
Lewis Watson Main Stage Sat 9th
Life Mavericks Sat 9th
LLoyd Yates The View Sat 9th
Luke Gledhill The Point Sat 9th
Lyger Mavericks Fri 8th
Major Look Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Marcus McCoan Beach Sessions Thu 7th
Marcus McCoan The View Sat 9th
Meridian Dan Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Mistajam Main Stage Fri 8th
Mo Main Stage Sun 10th
Mongolian Disco unknown stage Unknown Day
monki The Point Sun 10th
My Nu Leng The Point Sat 9th
Nathan Ball The View Fri 8th
New Desert Blues Main Stage Sun 10th
Oneman Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Palma Violets Mavericks Fri 8th
Panda Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Pastel Colours Mavericks Fri 8th
Patrons Mavericks Sun 10th
Peace Main Stage Sun 10th
Piers Kirwan The Point Sat 9th
Pirate Copy Mavericks Sun 10th
Polly Money The View Sat 9th
Premise The Point Sat 9th
Raleigh Ritchie Main Stage Sun 10th
Re-Defeat vs Grunge Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Reel Big Fish Mavericks Sun 10th
Rektchordz The Point Sun 10th
Robbie Boyd The Point Sun 10th
Robbie Boyd The View Sun 10th
Robin Parris The Point Sun 10th
Roni Size Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Roska The Point Sun 10th
Ry Spenceley Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Ryan Goldworthy Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Ryeland Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Saint Raymond Main Stage Fri 8th
Sam Fender The View Sat 9th
Sam Williams & the Flock of Bats The View Sun 10th
Saturday sun The View Sun 10th
Save Your Breath Mavericks Sun 10th
Scott Matthews The View Sat 9th
Sean Moyle Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Shift K3y Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Shy FX Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Sinprint Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Skindred Beach Sessions Wed 6th
Snatch The Wax Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Snoop Dogg Main Stage Sat 9th
Son Of Jack unknown stage Unknown Day
Sounds of Sirens The View Sat 9th
Southern Mavericks Sat 9th
Stanton Warriors Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
Steve Lid unknown stage Unknown Day
Sunset Sons Beach Sessions Thu 7th
Sunset Sons Main Stage Sun 10th
TCTS The Point Sat 9th
The Black Tambourines Mavericks Fri 8th
The Bohicas Mavericks Fri 8th
The Coronas Main Stage Sat 9th
The Cribs Main Stage Sat 9th
The Cuban Brothers Main Stage Sun 10th
The Enemy Main Stage Fri 8th
The Feud Unleashed Stage Fri 8th
The Golden Boy The Point Sun 10th
The Magnus Puto Band Mavericks Sun 10th
The Ramona Flowers Main Stage Sat 9th
Thomas j speight Beach Sessions Thu 7th
Tides Mavericks Sat 9th
Tom Costelloe unknown stage Unknown Day
Tom Gall Mavericks Sat 9th
Tom James The View Sat 9th
Tom Vek Main Stage Fri 8th
Tommie Quick unknown stage Unknown Day
Toyboy & Robin The Point Sun 10th
Verses Mavericks Sun 10th
We Were Evergreen Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Wild Sleep Unleashed Stage Sun 10th
Wilkinson Unleashed Stage Sat 9th
Will Bailey unknown stage Unknown Day
XYconstant unknown stage Unknown Day
Yuck Mavericks Fri 8th
Zane Lowe Main Stage Sat 9th
Name Distance Prices From
Pine Lodge 2.3 ml £39.00 Book
Pensalda Guest House 2.3 ml £65.00 Book
Porth Studio 2.4 ml £39.00 Book
Wheal Treasure 2.4 ml £90.00 Book
Porth Cottage 2.4 ml £69.00 Book
Porth Veor Manor Villas & Apartments 2.5 ml £79.00 Book
Hepworth 2.5 ml £50.00 Book
Aquarius 2.5 ml £30.00 Book
Jasmine House 2.5 ml £50.00 Book
Chynoweth Lodge 2.5 ml £70.00 Book
Hotel Bristol 2.6 ml £50.00 Book
Sandy Lodge Hotel 2.6 ml £40.00 Book
BEST WESTERN Porth Veor Manor Hotel 2.6 ml £109.00 Book
trewinda lodge 2.6 ml £35.00 Book
Fairview House 2.6 ml £45.00 Book

Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall, TR84AN