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Escape to our magical utopia on a voyage fuelled by peace, love and unity.. Another World exists in a parallel universe where no limits are defined, euphoria is boundless and music is our Religion. Let us take your mind body and soul to 'that place'.

Another world is a brand new 3-day Festival of Digital Arts & Electronic Dance Music just outside of Bristol in the South West of the UK. An immersive wonderland featuring seminal game-changers of electronic dance music. From the original Chicago/Detroit inventors of House and Techno, through to globally acclaimed modern-day revolutionaries pioneering the underground sound.

From history making, to future shaping the most influential artists of the scene, Incredible light and laser shows, circus performers, alien invasions,  interactive theatre, comedy, cosmic casino, healing field, world food, camping/glamping kid zone and funfair rides, 10+ Incredible stages, 200+ artists encompassing brands such as R&S Records, Ram Records & Fantazia

Phuture (live) / Bad company UK (DJ Set) / Dave Clarke / Derrick Carter (US) / Electric Swing Circus (live) / DJ Pierre / Joey Beltram (US) / Juan Atkins (US) / MR C / Paul Woolford / Shades of Rhythm (live) / Special Request / Way Out West / Grooverider / Serum / Ratpack / Slipmatt / Alix Perez / A Guy called Gerald


Weekend/Camping Tickets - £95

Dat Tickets (Frid/Sat/Sun) - £49

Dave Angel Mothership
Dave Clarke Mothership
Juan Atkins Mothership
Luke McMillan Mothership
Phutek Mothership
Special Request Mothership
Alfie Robinson Portal
Bamz Portal
Colin Dale Portal
Cridge Portal
DJ Raw Portal
Dj Shaggy Portal
Easygroove Portal
Ellis Dee Portal
Fugitive Portal
Injungle Portal
Jack Webb Portal
Lomas Portal
Ratpack Portal
Robbie Dee Portal
The DJ Producer Portal
Alex P Orbit Inn
Anthony Davis Orbit Inn
Brandon Block Orbit Inn
Jamie Rainbow Orbit Inn
Joe Dymond Orbit Inn
Jon Pleased Wimmin Orbit Inn
K-Klass Orbit Inn
Terry Farley Orbit Inn
Danny Cruz Mission Control
Just Her Mission Control
Maxxi Soundsystem Mission Control
Paul Woolford Mission Control
Restless Nights Mission Control
Thomas Gandey Mission Control
Waifs & Strays Mission Control
Dazee Tropics
Jinx Tropics
K Jah Tropics
Kelvin 373 Tropics
Ruffneck Ting Tropics
Traffic Tropics
Twitchee Tropics
Verdikt Tropics
Vytol Tropics
Bedmo Disco Departure Lounge
Nebula Departure Lounge
Onetwofive Departure Lounge
Soul Shake Departure Lounge
Louk Dark Matter
m zone Dark Matter
Mark EG Dark Matter
N.R.G. Dark Matter
Nick The Kid Dark Matter
Si the Sigh Dark Matter
The Bomber Dark Matter
2 Bad Mice Lunars
Faydz Lunars
Ratpack Lunars
Shades Of Rhythm Lunars
Slipmatt Lunars
Electric Swing Circus Another World
Sian Evans Another World
Dr Meaker Another World
Laid Blak Another World
Up, Bustle and Out Another World
Beat Jugglers Another World
Alisha Lawler Dark Matter
Andreas Kremer Dark Matter
Bubblejam Dark Matter
Hart Dark Matter
James Leyland Dark Matter
Joey Beltram Dark Matter
Jon Connor Dark Matter
Mike Vath Dark Matter
Bunjy Lunars
Cirdge Lunars
DJ SY Lunars
Donovan Smith Lunars
Ellis Dee Lunars
Faydz Lunars
Jack Horner Lunars
Joe Peng Lunars
Krome & Time Lunars
Nebula 2 Lunars
Nicky Blackmarket Lunars
Twista Lunars
2 Shy Mothership
Bad Company UK Mothership
Bryan G Mothership
Calyx & Teebee Mothership
Coolhand Flex B2B Madcap Mothership
Digital B2B Spirit Mothership
Dillinja Mothership
Fats Mothership
GQ Mothership
Impact Mothership
Inja Mothership
Killbox (Ed Rush & Audio) Mothership
LX ONE Mothership
Mind Vortex Mothership
Moose Mothership
Randall Mothership
Shimon B2B Benny L Mothership
Trex Mothership
Uncle 22 Mothership
Donovan Smith Portal
Jack Horner Portal
Kickback Portal
Marcus Allen Portal
MC Messiah Portal
Minimole Portal
Orca Live Portal
Ramjack Portal
Rhythm Portal
Rushgrove Portal
Thumpa Portal
Twisted Portal
Dean Hultum Orbit Inn
James Radley Orbit Inn
Nicky Holloway Orbit Inn
Rich Peaks Orbit Inn
Shane Foster Orbit Inn
Steve Lazenby Orbit Inn
Trevor Fung Orbit Inn
Delahay Mission Control
Fate and Fiction Recordings Mission Control
Greymatter Mission Control
Ishmael Mission Control
j morrison Mission Control
Jamie Anderson Mission Control
Mr C Mission Control
Steve Arnold Mission Control
Thrilogy Mission Control
Alix Perez Tropics
Ayah Marar ft. Illaman & Troll23 Tropics
Bladerunner Tropics
Boyaka Tropics
Breakage Tropics
Cupid Stunt Tropics
DJ Kaz Tropics
DJ Progress Tropics
Indika Tropics
J Greenz Tropics
Jack Banner Tropics
Jazzy Lioness Tropics
Serum Tropics
Skeptical Tropics
Twisted Tropics
boogie CAfE Departure Lounge
Dirty Laundry Departure Lounge
drag queen bingo Departure Lounge
Edele Andaya Departure Lounge
Mikki Most Departure Lounge
Phuture Another World
Way Out West Another World
DJ Pierre Another World
Mr C Another World
Saytek Another World
A Guy Called Gerald Another World
Jungle Drummer Another World
Grooverider Another World
Aaron Liberator Dark Matter
Chris Liberator Dark Matter
D.A.V.E. The Drummer Dark Matter
Scorpio Dark Matter
The DJ Producer Dark Matter
Basshound Lunars
Dankle Lunars
Jenni Groves Lunars
Madcap Lunars
Marcus Allen Lunars
MC Nice & Easy Lunars
Phatworld Lunars
Shock C Lunars
Smiley Max Lunars
Spongebob Squarewave Lunars
Superior Cornrows Lunars
Bassman Mothership
Colin Dale Mothership
Donovan Smith Mothership
Easygroove Mothership
Grooverider Mothership
Joe Peng Mothership
Micky Finn Mothership
Orca Mothership
Ratpack Mothership
Robbie Dee Mothership
Shades Of Rhythm Mothership
Slipmatt Mothership
Top Buzz Mothership
Chalk E White Portal
Cridge Portal
Evil Eddie Richards Portal
Jim Charlton Portal
Jolly Roger Portal
Oli T Portal
Rich Jones Portal
Richie Fingers Portal
Trevor Fung Portal
Allistair Whitehead Orbit Inn
Colin Hudd Orbit Inn
Craig D Brown Orbit Inn
Mike Cosford Orbit Inn
Alfresco Disco Mission Control
Deli G Mission Control
Derrick Carter Mission Control
Strange Frequency Mission Control
Assassin Tropics
Bengee Tropics
Colllette Warren Tropics
DEGS Tropics
Impact Tropics
Kerizma Tropics
Livewire Tropics
Lurch Tropics
Monroe Tropics
Mr L & Milestone Tropics
N.I.C. Tropics
Nedd B2B Kronical Tropics
Scatta Tropics
Soul Method Tropics
StillA Audio Tropics
Superior Selectionz Tropics
The Insiders Tropics
Virtue Tropics
Bodywork Departure Lounge
Feel The Real Departure Lounge
Shapes Departure Lounge
Tom Maddicott Departure Lounge
Tristan B Departure Lounge
Artist Stage Day
2 Bad Mice Lunars Fri 3rd
2 Shy Mothership Sat 4th
A Guy Called Gerald Another World Sun 5th
Aaron Liberator Dark Matter Sun 5th
Alex P Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Alfie Robinson Portal Fri 3rd
Alfresco Disco Mission Control Sun 5th
Alisha Lawler Dark Matter Sat 4th
Alix Perez Tropics Sat 4th
Allistair Whitehead Orbit Inn Sun 5th
Andreas Kremer Dark Matter Sat 4th
Anthony Davis Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Assassin Tropics Sun 5th
Ayah Marar ft. Illaman & Troll23 Tropics Sat 4th
Bad Company UK Mothership Sat 4th
Bamz Portal Fri 3rd
Basshound Lunars Sun 5th
Bassman Mothership Sun 5th
Beat Jugglers Another World Sat 4th
Bedmo Disco Departure Lounge Fri 3rd
Bengee Tropics Sun 5th
Bladerunner Tropics Sat 4th
Bodywork Departure Lounge Sun 5th
boogie CAfE Departure Lounge Sat 4th
Boyaka Tropics Sat 4th
Brandon Block Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Breakage Tropics Sat 4th
Bryan G Mothership Sat 4th
Bubblejam Dark Matter Sat 4th
Bunjy Lunars Sat 4th
Calyx & Teebee Mothership Sat 4th
Chalk E White Portal Sun 5th
Chris Liberator Dark Matter Sun 5th
Cirdge Lunars Sat 4th
Colin Dale Portal Fri 3rd
Colin Dale Mothership Sun 5th
Colin Hudd Orbit Inn Sun 5th
Colllette Warren Tropics Sun 5th
Coolhand Flex B2B Madcap Mothership Sat 4th
Craig D Brown Orbit Inn Sun 5th
Cridge Portal Fri 3rd
Cridge Portal Sun 5th
Cupid Stunt Tropics Sat 4th
D.A.V.E. The Drummer Dark Matter Sun 5th
Dankle Lunars Sun 5th
Danny Cruz Mission Control Fri 3rd
Dave Angel Mothership Fri 3rd
Dave Clarke Mothership Fri 3rd
Dazee Tropics Fri 3rd
Dean Hultum Orbit Inn Sat 4th
DEGS Tropics Sun 5th
Delahay Mission Control Sat 4th
Deli G Mission Control Sun 5th
Derrick Carter Mission Control Sun 5th
Digital B2B Spirit Mothership Sat 4th
Dillinja Mothership Sat 4th
Dirty Laundry Departure Lounge Sat 4th
DJ Kaz Tropics Sat 4th
DJ Pierre Another World Sun 5th
DJ Progress Tropics Sat 4th
DJ Raw Portal Fri 3rd
Dj Shaggy Portal Fri 3rd
DJ SY Lunars Sat 4th
Donovan Smith Portal Sat 4th
Donovan Smith Lunars Sat 4th
Donovan Smith Mothership Sun 5th
Dr Meaker Another World Sat 4th
drag queen bingo Departure Lounge Sat 4th
Easygroove Portal Fri 3rd
Easygroove Mothership Sun 5th
Edele Andaya Departure Lounge Sat 4th
Electric Swing Circus Another World Sat 4th
Ellis Dee Portal Fri 3rd
Ellis Dee Lunars Sat 4th
Evil Eddie Richards Portal Sun 5th
Fate and Fiction Recordings Mission Control Sat 4th
Fats Mothership Sat 4th
Faydz Lunars Fri 3rd
Faydz Lunars Sat 4th
Feel The Real Departure Lounge Sun 5th
Fugitive Portal Fri 3rd
GQ Mothership Sat 4th
Greymatter Mission Control Sat 4th
Grooverider Another World Sun 5th
Grooverider Mothership Sun 5th
Hart Dark Matter Sat 4th
Impact Mothership Sat 4th
Impact Tropics Sun 5th
Indika Tropics Sat 4th
Inja Mothership Sat 4th
Injungle Portal Fri 3rd
Ishmael Mission Control Sat 4th
J Greenz Tropics Sat 4th
j morrison Mission Control Sat 4th
Jack Banner Tropics Sat 4th
Jack Horner Portal Sat 4th
Jack Horner Lunars Sat 4th
Jack Webb Portal Fri 3rd
James Leyland Dark Matter Sat 4th
James Radley Orbit Inn Sat 4th
Jamie Anderson Mission Control Sat 4th
Jamie Rainbow Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Jazzy Lioness Tropics Sat 4th
Jenni Groves Lunars Sun 5th
Jim Charlton Portal Sun 5th
Jinx Tropics Fri 3rd
Joe Dymond Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Joe Peng Lunars Sat 4th
Joe Peng Mothership Sun 5th
Joey Beltram Dark Matter Sat 4th
Jolly Roger Portal Sun 5th
Jon Connor Dark Matter Sat 4th
Jon Pleased Wimmin Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Juan Atkins Mothership Fri 3rd
Jungle Drummer Another World Sun 5th
Just Her Mission Control Fri 3rd
K Jah Tropics Fri 3rd
Kelvin 373 Tropics Fri 3rd
Kerizma Tropics Sun 5th
Kickback Portal Sat 4th
Killbox (Ed Rush & Audio) Mothership Sat 4th
K-Klass Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
Krome & Time Lunars Sat 4th
Laid Blak Another World Sat 4th
Livewire Tropics Sun 5th
Lomas Portal Fri 3rd
Louk Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Luke McMillan Mothership Fri 3rd
Lurch Tropics Sun 5th
LX ONE Mothership Sat 4th
m zone Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Madcap Lunars Sun 5th
Marcus Allen Portal Sat 4th
Marcus Allen Lunars Sun 5th
Mark EG Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Maxxi Soundsystem Mission Control Fri 3rd
MC Messiah Portal Sat 4th
MC Nice & Easy Lunars Sun 5th
Micky Finn Mothership Sun 5th
Mike Cosford Orbit Inn Sun 5th
Mike Vath Dark Matter Sat 4th
Mikki Most Departure Lounge Sat 4th
Mind Vortex Mothership Sat 4th
Minimole Portal Sat 4th
Monroe Tropics Sun 5th
Moose Mothership Sat 4th
Mr C Mission Control Sat 4th
Mr C Another World Sun 5th
Mr L & Milestone Tropics Sun 5th
N.I.C. Tropics Sun 5th
N.R.G. Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Nebula Departure Lounge Fri 3rd
Nebula 2 Lunars Sat 4th
Nedd B2B Kronical Tropics Sun 5th
Nick The Kid Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Nicky Blackmarket Lunars Sat 4th
Nicky Holloway Orbit Inn Sat 4th
Oli T Portal Sun 5th
Onetwofive Departure Lounge Fri 3rd
Orca Mothership Sun 5th
Orca Live Portal Sat 4th
Paul Woolford Mission Control Fri 3rd
Phatworld Lunars Sun 5th
Phutek Mothership Fri 3rd
Phuture Another World Sun 5th
RACHEL RACKITT Dark Matter Sun 5th
Ramjack Portal Sat 4th
Randall Mothership Sat 4th
Ratpack Portal Fri 3rd
Ratpack Lunars Fri 3rd
Ratpack Mothership Sun 5th
Restless Nights Mission Control Fri 3rd
Rhythm Portal Sat 4th
Rich Jones Portal Sun 5th
Rich Peaks Orbit Inn Sat 4th
Richie Fingers Portal Sun 5th
Robbie Dee Portal Fri 3rd
Robbie Dee Mothership Sun 5th
Ruffneck Ting Tropics Fri 3rd
Rushgrove Portal Sat 4th
Saytek Another World Sun 5th
Scatta Tropics Sun 5th
Scorpio Dark Matter Sun 5th
Serum Tropics Sat 4th
Shades Of Rhythm Lunars Fri 3rd
Shades Of Rhythm Mothership Sun 5th
Shane Foster Orbit Inn Sat 4th
Shapes Departure Lounge Sun 5th
Shimon B2B Benny L Mothership Sat 4th
Shock C Lunars Sun 5th
Si the Sigh Dark Matter Fri 3rd
Sian Evans Another World Sat 4th
Skeptical Tropics Sat 4th
Slipmatt Lunars Fri 3rd
Slipmatt Mothership Sun 5th
Smiley Max Lunars Sun 5th
Soul Method Tropics Sun 5th
Soul Shake Departure Lounge Fri 3rd
Special Request Mothership Fri 3rd
Spongebob Squarewave Lunars Sun 5th
Steve Arnold Mission Control Sat 4th
Steve Lazenby Orbit Inn Sat 4th
StillA Audio Tropics Sun 5th
Strange Frequency Mission Control Sun 5th
Superior Cornrows Lunars Sun 5th
Superior Selectionz Tropics Sun 5th
Terry Farley Orbit Inn Fri 3rd
The Bomber Dark Matter Fri 3rd
The DJ Producer Portal Fri 3rd
The DJ Producer Dark Matter Sun 5th
The Insiders Tropics Sun 5th
Thomas Gandey Mission Control Fri 3rd
Thrilogy Mission Control Sat 4th
Thumpa Portal Sat 4th
Tom Maddicott Departure Lounge Sun 5th
Top Buzz Mothership Sun 5th
Traffic Tropics Fri 3rd
Trevor Fung Orbit Inn Sat 4th
Trevor Fung Portal Sun 5th
Trex Mothership Sat 4th
Tristan B Departure Lounge Sun 5th
Twista Lunars Sat 4th
Twisted Portal Sat 4th
Twisted Tropics Sat 4th
Twitchee Tropics Fri 3rd
Uncle 22 Mothership Sat 4th
Up, Bustle and Out Another World Sat 4th
Verdikt Tropics Fri 3rd
Virtue Tropics Sun 5th
Vytol Tropics Fri 3rd
Waifs & Strays Mission Control Fri 3rd
Way Out West Another World Sun 5th
Name Distance Prices From
Alveston House Hotel 0.5 ml £78.00 Book
Thornbury Golf Lodge 1.0 ml £70.00 Book
The Bowl Inn 2.4 ml £69.00 Book
Almondsbury Interchange Hotel 2.8 ml £21.00 Book
Crossover House 2.8 ml £70.00 Book
Alderman Apartments- Bradley Stoke 3.5 ml £98.00 Book
Travelodge Bristol Severn View M48 3.6 ml £47.00 Book
Mercure Bristol North The Grange Hotel 3.7 ml £55.30 Book
SACO Bristol - Bradley Stoke 3.7 ml £164.00 Book
Tortworth Court Four Pillars Hotel 5.4 ml £62.10 Book
The Coach House 5.7 ml £72.00 Book
Berwick Lodge 6.1 ml £99.00 Book
Days Inn Michaelwood - M5 6.5 ml £27.00 Book
The First Hurdle 6.8 ml £75.00 Book
The Two Rivers by Marston s Inns 7.0 ml £70.00 Book

Washingpool Farm, nr Bristol, BS355RE