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12 July - 14 July 2018

Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, GL544BL

Rock Alt\Indie Bit Of Everything Family Friendly Disabled Access

2000trees festival is an award-winning independent music festival dedicated to bringing together the best new and underground British music for one weekend every July. It offers a diverse selection of more than 80 acts on four stages, plus comedy, trader village,and more. It won the Grass Roots Festival Award at the UK Festival Awards 2010.

2000trees was started by six friends in 2007, who grew tired of being made to pay too much at other festivals to see the bands they love. They decided to create a value for money alternative, which also raises awareness of environmental concerns.

Although there has yet to be a line-up announced, the past events have seen an incredible array of highly renowned and critically acclaimed bands such as Refused, Twin Atlantic, Idlewild, British Sea Power, Mallory Knox, Future of the Left and many more perform.

This is one event that should definitely not be missed, if you can help it!

Upcote Farm, GL54 4BL Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

At the Drive-In Main Stage
Marmozets Main Stage
Arcane Roots Main Stage
Turbowolf Main Stage
Black Foxxes Main Stage
Ben Marwood Main Stage
Thrill Collins Forest Sessions
Dave McPherson (INME) Forest Sessions
Crazy Arm Forest Sessions
Dottie Forest Sessions
Soeur Forest Sessions
Jonah Matranga Forest Sessions
Elijah Miller Forest Sessions
Arcane Roots Forest Sessions
Marius Bear Forest Sessions
Jonah Matranga & Friends The Axiom
Black Honey The Axiom
Brutus The Axiom
Press to Meco The Axiom
Reigning Days The Axiom
Black Peaks The Cave
Turnstile The Cave
Boston Manor The Cave
Vukovi The Cave
Palm Reader The Cave
Twin Atlantic Main Stage
Mallory Knox Main Stage
Blood Red Shoes Main Stage
And So I Watch You From Afar Main Stage
Fatherson Main Stage
The Dirty Nil Main Stage
Bad Sign Main Stage
Chapter and Verse Main Stage
Lady Bird Main Stage
Creeper The Cave
Touché Amoré The Cave
HO99O9 The Cave
Hellions The Cave
Holding Absence The Cave
Vodun The Cave
GroundCulture The Cave
Phoxjaw The Cave
conjurer Nue Stage
Gold Key Nue Stage
The Kenneths Nue Stage
InTechnicolour Nue Stage
Bitch Falcon Nue Stage
No Violet Nue Stage
Nervus Nue Stage
Mauwe Forest Sessions
Karim Forest Sessions
la lune Forest Sessions
Hush Mozey Forest Sessions
James Humphrys Forest Sessions
Louise Distras Forest Sessions
Luke Marshall Black Forest Sessions
Caleb Harris Forest Sessions
Press to Meco Forest Sessions
Jamie Lenman Forest Sessions
My Vitriol Forest Sessions
Holiday Oscar Forest Sessions
Jack Louis Cooper Forest Sessions
Grumble Bee Forest Sessions
My Vitriol The Axiom
We Were Promised Jetpacks The Axiom
Dream Wife The Axiom
Slotface The Axiom
Nova Twins The Axiom
PINS The Axiom
Courage My Love The Axiom
Gloo The Axiom
Sick Joy The Axiom
Enter Shikari Main Stage
Moose Blood Main Stage
Basement Main Stage
The Xcerts Main Stage
Will Varley Main Stage
Beans on Toast Main Stage
Imperial Leisure Main Stage
Avalanche Party Main Stage
Haggard Cat Main Stage
Hell Is For Heroes The Cave
Skinny Lister The Cave
Raging Speedhorn The Cave
Queen Kwong The Cave
Blood Command The Cave
Woes The Cave
Cove The Cave
Mantra The Cave
Gallops Nue Stage
Black Futures Nue Stage
Nelson Can Nue Stage
Gender roles Nue Stage
Forever Cult Nue Stage
Asylums Nue Stage
Sun Arcana Nue Stage
Muskets Nue Stage
Pace Forest Sessions
Ben Marwood Forest Sessions
Luvia Forest Sessions
Andy Merritt Forest Sessions
Bryde Forest Sessions
Sean McGowan Forest Sessions
Enter Shikari Forest Sessions
Undead Raisins Forest Sessions
PD Liddle Forest Sessions
The Xcerts Forest Sessions
Saint Leonard's Horses Forest Sessions
Luke Rainsford Forest Sessions
Sikth The Axiom
Meat Wave The Axiom
Demob Happy The Axiom
Bloody Knees The Axiom
Dream State The Axiom
Funeral Shakes The Axiom
swedish death candy The Axiom
Frauds The Axiom
Artist Stage Day
And So I Watch You From Afar Main Stage Fri 13th
Andy Merritt Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Arcane Roots Main Stage Thu 12th
Arcane Roots Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Asylums Nue Stage Sat 14th
At the Drive-In Main Stage Thu 12th
Avalanche Party Main Stage Sat 14th
Bad Sign Main Stage Fri 13th
Basement Main Stage Sat 14th
Beans on Toast Main Stage Sat 14th
Ben Marwood Main Stage Thu 12th
Ben Marwood Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Bitch Falcon Nue Stage Fri 13th
Black Foxxes Main Stage Thu 12th
Black Futures Nue Stage Sat 14th
Black Honey The Axiom Thu 12th
Black Peaks The Cave Thu 12th
Blood Command The Cave Sat 14th
Blood Red Shoes Main Stage Fri 13th
Bloody Knees The Axiom Sat 14th
Boston Manor The Cave Thu 12th
Brutus The Axiom Thu 12th
Bryde Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Caleb Harris Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Chapter and Verse Main Stage Fri 13th
conjurer Nue Stage Fri 13th
Courage My Love The Axiom Fri 13th
Cove The Cave Sat 14th
Crazy Arm Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Creeper The Cave Fri 13th
Dave McPherson (INME) Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Demob Happy The Axiom Sat 14th
Dottie Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Dream State The Axiom Sat 14th
Dream Wife The Axiom Fri 13th
Elijah Miller Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Enter Shikari Main Stage Sat 14th
Enter Shikari Forest Sessions Sat 14th
FANGCLUB Nue Stage Fri 13th
Fatherson Main Stage Fri 13th
Forever Cult Nue Stage Sat 14th
Frauds The Axiom Sat 14th
Funeral Shakes The Axiom Sat 14th
Gallops Nue Stage Sat 14th
Gender roles Nue Stage Sat 14th
Gloo The Axiom Fri 13th
Gold Key Nue Stage Fri 13th
GroundCulture The Cave Fri 13th
Grumble Bee Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Haggard Cat Main Stage Sat 14th
Hell Is For Heroes The Cave Sat 14th
Hellions The Cave Fri 13th
HO99O9 The Cave Fri 13th
Holding Absence The Cave Fri 13th
Holiday Oscar Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Hush Mozey Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Imperial Leisure Main Stage Sat 14th
InTechnicolour Nue Stage Fri 13th
Jack Louis Cooper Forest Sessions Fri 13th
James Humphrys Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Jamie Lenman Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Jonah Matranga Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Jonah Matranga & Friends The Axiom Thu 12th
Karim Forest Sessions Fri 13th
la lune Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Lady Bird Main Stage Fri 13th
Louise Distras Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Luke Marshall Black Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Luke Rainsford Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Luvia Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Mallory Knox Main Stage Fri 13th
Mantra The Cave Sat 14th
Marius Bear Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Marmozets Main Stage Thu 12th
Mauwe Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Meat Wave The Axiom Sat 14th
Moose Blood Main Stage Sat 14th
Muskets Nue Stage Sat 14th
My Vitriol The Axiom Fri 13th
My Vitriol Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Nelson Can Nue Stage Sat 14th
Nervus Nue Stage Fri 13th
No Violet Nue Stage Fri 13th
Nova Twins The Axiom Fri 13th
Pace Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Palm Reader The Cave Thu 12th
PD Liddle Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Phoxjaw The Cave Fri 13th
PINS The Axiom Fri 13th
Press to Meco The Axiom Thu 12th
Press to Meco Forest Sessions Fri 13th
Queen Kwong The Cave Sat 14th
Raging Speedhorn The Cave Sat 14th
Reigning Days The Axiom Thu 12th
Saint Leonard's Horses Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Sean McGowan Forest Sessions Sat 14th
SHVPES The Cave Thu 12th
Sick Joy The Axiom Fri 13th
Sikth The Axiom Sat 14th
Skinny Lister The Cave Sat 14th
Slotface The Axiom Fri 13th
Soeur Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Sun Arcana Nue Stage Sat 14th
swedish death candy The Axiom Sat 14th
The Dirty Nil Main Stage Fri 13th
The Kenneths Nue Stage Fri 13th
The Xcerts Main Stage Sat 14th
The Xcerts Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Thrill Collins Forest Sessions Thu 12th
Touché Amoré The Cave Fri 13th
Turbowolf Main Stage Thu 12th
Turnstile The Cave Thu 12th
Twin Atlantic Main Stage Fri 13th
Undead Raisins Forest Sessions Sat 14th
Vodun The Cave Fri 13th
Vukovi The Cave Thu 12th
We Were Promised Jetpacks The Axiom Fri 13th
Will Varley Main Stage Sat 14th
Woes The Cave Sat 14th
Name Distance Prices From
Lords of the Manor 3.8 ml £150.00 Book
The Wheatsheaf Inn 4.1 ml £100.00 Book
The Slaughters Country Inn 4.2 ml £165.00 Book
Harrington House 4.3 ml £57.00 Book
Lower Slaughter Manor 4.4 ml £269.00 Book
Broadlands Guest House 4.4 ml £80.00 Book
The Dial House Hotel & Restaurant 4.4 ml £90.00 Book
Southlands 4.7 ml £95.00 Book
Number Four at Stow 6.1 ml £120.00 Book
The White Hart Inn 6.3 ml £50.00 Book
Wyck Hill House Hotel and Spa 6.4 ml £65.00 Book
The Limes 6.5 ml £65.00 Book
Stow Lodge Hotel 6.5 ml £150.00 Book
Grapevine Hotel 6.5 ml £67.00 Book
The Porch House 6.5 ml £69.00 Book

Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, GL544BL