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2000trees is a 5,000 capacity music festival set in the rolling Cotswold Hills. You’ll get 2 nights camping and a friendly, intimate atmosphere – plus amazing food and locally produced ciders, ales & lagers.

THE MUSIC 2000trees is all about the music. With more than 80 of the absolute best new and underground acts from the worlds of rock and indie, plus some more established acts to close out the night. Previous bands that have played 2000trees include:

The Subways, We Are The Ocean, Arcane Roots, Turbowolf, The Computers andUandI, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, The Skints, Skinny Lister, The Xcerts, Kiran Leonard.

Beans on Toast The Axiom
Crazy Arm The Axiom
Ben Marwood The Axiom
Rob Lynch The Axiom
Oxygen Thief The Axiom
Jarred Christmas The Croft
Vince Atta The Croft
Tony Basnett The Croft
James Meehan The Croft
Amy Gledhill The Croft
Rob Mulholland The Croft
Nick Horseman The Croft
Stephanie Laing The Croft
Che Burnley The Croft
Joby Mageean The Croft
Red Redmond The Croft
Sam Gore The Croft
Richard Massara The Croft
The Bronx Cave
And So I Watch You From Afar Cave
We Were Promised Jetpacks Cave
The Xcerts Cave
Black Peaks Cave
Milk Teeth Cave
Max Raptor Cave
Bare Knuckle Parade Forest
Jim Lockey Forest
Black Peaks Forest
Dave McPherson (INME) Forest
Grumble Bee Forest
Thrill Collins Forest
Circe's Diner Forest
Aaron Rowe Forest
silent disco Main Stage
Twin Atlantic Main Stage
Mallory Knox Main Stage
Neck Deep Main Stage
Counterfeit Main Stage
The Smith Street Band Main Stage
Brawlers Main Stage
John Coffey Main Stage
Crooks Main Stage
Vant Main Stage
Jack Williams Forest
Martha Phillips Forest
The Thoughts Forest
Tom Forbes Forest
Frankie Furlow Forest
Mindofalion Forest
Crazy Arm Forest
Non Canon Forest
Moose Blood Forest
Charlie Thomas Forest
The Xcerts Forest
Muncie Girls Forest
Joe Dolman Forest
Olly Flavell Forest
Moose Blood The Axiom
The Magic Gang The Axiom
Muncie Girls The Axiom
Kagoule The Axiom
Tired Lion The Axiom
Waco The Axiom
Life The Axiom
Press to Meco The Axiom
Monarks The Axiom
Idles The Croft
The Ghost Riders In The Sky The Croft
Will Varley The Croft
Johnny Lloyd The Croft
Then Thickens The Croft
She Makes War The Croft
Armchair Committee The Croft
Happy Accidents The Croft
silent disco Cave
Basement Cave
Lonely The Brave Cave
Dinosaur Pile-Up Cave
Krokodil Cave
Palm Reader Cave
Beasts Cave
Trash Boat Cave
Reigning Days Cave
silent disco Main Stage
Refused Main Stage
Augustines Main Stage
Ash Main Stage
Arcane Roots Main Stage
The King Blues Main Stage
Creeper Main Stage
The LaFontaines Main Stage
Heck Main Stage
The St Pierre Snake Invasion Main Stage
Paper Hawk Forest
Storme Forest
Chay Snowden Forest
Montag Mania Forest
Arcane Roots Forest
Maddy Storm Forest
Demi Marriner Forest
Charlotte Cannon Forest
Barron Forest
Chloe Leigh And The Willow Trio Forest
Michael Vickers Forest
Ginger (The Wildhearts) Forest
Jamie Lenman Forest
Itch Forest
Episodes Forest
Yuck The Axiom
Jamie Lenman The Axiom
Demob Happy The Axiom
Hey! Hello The Axiom
Black Foxxes The Axiom
Dead! The Axiom
Puppy The Axiom
Cheap Meat The Axiom
Narcs The Axiom
Black Honey The Croft
Tigercub The Croft
Grumble Bee The Croft
Recreations The Croft
The RPM's The Croft
The Spills The Croft
Bellevue Days The Croft
Andy Oliveri and The Mountaineers The Croft
silent disco Cave
While She Sleeps Cave
Sikth Cave
Animals as Leaders Cave
Blood Youth Cave
Blackhole Cave
Terrible Love Cave
Smoking Juke Joint Band unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
Aaron Rowe Forest Thu 7th
Amy Gledhill The Croft Thu 7th
And So I Watch You From Afar Cave Thu 7th
Andy Oliveri and The Mountaineers The Croft Sat 9th
Animals as Leaders Cave Sat 9th
Arcane Roots Main Stage Sat 9th
Arcane Roots Forest Sat 9th
Armchair Committee The Croft Fri 8th
Ash Main Stage Sat 9th
Augustines Main Stage Sat 9th
Bare Knuckle Parade Forest Thu 7th
Barron Forest Sat 9th
Basement Cave Fri 8th
Beans on Toast The Axiom Thu 7th
Beasts Cave Fri 8th
Bellevue Days The Croft Sat 9th
Ben Marwood The Axiom Thu 7th
Black Foxxes The Axiom Sat 9th
Black Honey The Croft Sat 9th
Black Peaks Cave Thu 7th
Black Peaks Forest Thu 7th
Blackhole Cave Sat 9th
Blood Youth Cave Sat 9th
Brawlers Main Stage Fri 8th
Charlie Thomas Forest Fri 8th
Charlotte Cannon Forest Sat 9th
Chay Snowden Forest Sat 9th
Che Burnley The Croft Thu 7th
Cheap Meat The Axiom Sat 9th
Chloe Leigh And The Willow Trio Forest Sat 9th
Circe's Diner Forest Thu 7th
Counterfeit Main Stage Fri 8th
Crazy Arm The Axiom Thu 7th
Crazy Arm Forest Fri 8th
Creeper Main Stage Sat 9th
Crooks Main Stage Fri 8th
Dave McPherson (INME) Forest Thu 7th
Dead! The Axiom Sat 9th
Demi Marriner Forest Sat 9th
Demob Happy The Axiom Sat 9th
Dinosaur Pile-Up Cave Fri 8th
Episodes Forest Sat 9th
Frankie Furlow Forest Fri 8th
Ginger (The Wildhearts) Forest Sat 9th
Grumble Bee Forest Thu 7th
Grumble Bee The Croft Sat 9th
Happy Accidents The Croft Fri 8th
Heck Main Stage Sat 9th
Hey! Hello The Axiom Sat 9th
Idles The Croft Fri 8th
Itch Forest Sat 9th
Jack Williams Forest Fri 8th
James Meehan The Croft Thu 7th
Jamie Lenman The Axiom Sat 9th
Jamie Lenman Forest Sat 9th
Jarred Christmas The Croft Thu 7th
Jim Lockey Forest Thu 7th
Joby Mageean The Croft Thu 7th
Joe Dolman Forest Fri 8th
John Coffey Main Stage Fri 8th
Johnny Lloyd The Croft Fri 8th
Kagoule The Axiom Fri 8th
Krokodil Cave Fri 8th
Life The Axiom Fri 8th
Lonely The Brave Cave Fri 8th
Maddy Storm Forest Sat 9th
Mallory Knox Main Stage Fri 8th
Martha Phillips Forest Fri 8th
Max Raptor Cave Thu 7th
Michael Vickers Forest Sat 9th
Milk Teeth Cave Thu 7th
Mindofalion Forest Fri 8th
Monarks The Axiom Fri 8th
Montag Mania Forest Sat 9th
Moose Blood The Axiom Fri 8th
Moose Blood Forest Fri 8th
Muncie Girls The Axiom Fri 8th
Muncie Girls Forest Fri 8th
Narcs The Axiom Sat 9th
Neck Deep Main Stage Fri 8th
Nick Horseman The Croft Thu 7th
Non Canon Forest Fri 8th
Olly Flavell Forest Fri 8th
Oxygen Thief The Axiom Thu 7th
Palm Reader Cave Fri 8th
Paper Hawk Forest Sat 9th
Press to Meco The Axiom Fri 8th
Puppy The Axiom Sat 9th
Recreations The Croft Sat 9th
Red Redmond The Croft Thu 7th
Refused Main Stage Sat 9th
Reigning Days Cave Fri 8th
Richard Massara The Croft Thu 7th
Rob Lynch The Axiom Thu 7th
Rob Mulholland The Croft Thu 7th
Sam Gore The Croft Thu 7th
She Makes War The Croft Fri 8th
Sikth Cave Sat 9th
silent disco Main Stage Fri 8th
silent disco Cave Fri 8th
silent disco Main Stage Sat 9th
silent disco Cave Sat 9th
Smoking Juke Joint Band unknown stage Unknown Day
Stephanie Laing The Croft Thu 7th
Storme Forest Sat 9th
Terrible Love Cave Sat 9th
The Bronx Cave Thu 7th
The Ghost Riders In The Sky The Croft Fri 8th
The King Blues Main Stage Sat 9th
The LaFontaines Main Stage Sat 9th
The Magic Gang The Axiom Fri 8th
The RPM's The Croft Sat 9th
The Smith Street Band Main Stage Fri 8th
The Spills The Croft Sat 9th
The St Pierre Snake Invasion Main Stage Sat 9th
The Thoughts Forest Fri 8th
The Xcerts Cave Thu 7th
The Xcerts Forest Fri 8th
Then Thickens The Croft Fri 8th
Thrill Collins Forest Thu 7th
TIERNY Forest Fri 8th
Tigercub The Croft Sat 9th
Tired Lion The Axiom Fri 8th
Tom Forbes Forest Fri 8th
Tony Basnett The Croft Thu 7th
Trash Boat Cave Fri 8th
Twin Atlantic Main Stage Fri 8th
Vant Main Stage Fri 8th
Vince Atta The Croft Thu 7th
Waco The Axiom Fri 8th
We Were Promised Jetpacks Cave Thu 7th
While She Sleeps Cave Sat 9th
Will Varley The Croft Fri 8th
WSTR Cave Sat 9th
Yuck The Axiom Sat 9th
ZOAX Cave Sat 9th
Name Distance Prices From
Lords of the Manor 3.8 ml £150.00 Book
The Wheatsheaf Inn 4.1 ml £100.00 Book
The Slaughters Country Inn 4.2 ml £165.00 Book
Harrington House 4.3 ml £57.00 Book
Lower Slaughter Manor 4.4 ml £269.00 Book
Broadlands Guest House 4.4 ml £80.00 Book
The Dial House Hotel & Restaurant 4.4 ml £90.00 Book
Southlands 4.7 ml £95.00 Book
Number Four at Stow 6.1 ml £120.00 Book
The White Hart Inn 6.3 ml £50.00 Book
Wyck Hill House Hotel and Spa 6.4 ml £65.00 Book
The Limes 6.5 ml £65.00 Book
Stow Lodge Hotel 6.5 ml £150.00 Book
Grapevine Hotel 6.5 ml £67.00 Book
The Porch House 6.5 ml £69.00 Book

Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire., GL544BL