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Wakestock Festival is one of Europe's largest wakeboard and music festivals set right on the beach in north Wales. At this stunning location you will see some of the worlds best wakeboarders competing whilst you relax on the golden sandy beaches. By day the wakeboarding takes place and by night the music carries on that exciting vibe with live bands and DJs. On site there's a whole host of funfair rides, market stalls, a great variety of food stalls, signing tents, sponsor stands with loads of cool give aways and the list goes on.
Calvin Harris West Stage
Burns West Stage
Rizzle Kicks West Stage
Random Impulse West Stage
L Marshall West Stage
Special Guest West Stage
Lilygreen & Maguire West Stage
Hadouken! East Stage
Flux Pavilion East Stage
Bastille East Stage
Jagga East Stage
Sen Segur East Stage
Lulu James East Stage
Friction South Stage
Ed Mackie South Stage
Jigsaw South Stage
Youngman South Stage
Major Look South Stage
High Contrast feat Jessy Allen & Dynamite MC South Stage
Dizzee Rascal West Stage
Zane Lowe West Stage
Katy B West Stage
All The Young West Stage
Swiss Lips West Stage
Y Bandana West Stage
Special Guest West Stage
Ms. Dynamite East Stage
Annie Mac East Stage
DJ Fresh East Stage
Breakage East Stage
Jigsaw East Stage
Ifan Dafydd East Stage
Disclosure East Stage
Jakwob South Stage
Plastic Thumbs South Stage
Ben Proudlove South Stage
Doctor P South Stage
Delta Heavy South Stage
Simplex South Stage
Andy Carr South Stage
Chiddy Bang West Stage
Ed Sheeran West Stage
Benjamin Francis Leftwich West Stage
Ryan Keen West Stage
mikill pane West Stage
Clement Marfo and The Frontline West Stage
Al Lewis West Stage
Funeral For A Friend East Stage
Yashin East Stage
Straight Lines East Stage
The All-American Rejects East Stage
Goldierocks South Stage
RedLight South Stage
HeavyFeet South Stage
Jimmy Needles South Stage
Church DJs South Stage
B.Traits South Stage
A Plastic Rose unknown stage
Huw Stephens unknown stage
Koan Sound unknown stage
Smiler unknown stage
AlunaGeorge unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
A Plastic Rose unknown stage day TBC
Al Lewis West Stage Sun 8th
All The Young West Stage Sat 7th
AlunaGeorge unknown stage day TBC
Andy Carr South Stage Sat 7th
Annie Mac East Stage Sat 7th
B.Traits South Stage Sun 8th
Bastille East Stage Fri 6th
Ben Proudlove South Stage Sat 7th
Benjamin Francis Leftwich West Stage Sun 8th
Breakage East Stage Sat 7th
Burns West Stage Fri 6th
Calvin Harris West Stage Fri 6th
Chiddy Bang West Stage Sun 8th
Church DJs South Stage Sun 8th
Clement Marfo and The Frontline West Stage Sun 8th
Delta Heavy South Stage Sat 7th
Disclosure East Stage Sat 7th
Dizzee Rascal West Stage Sat 7th
DJ Fresh East Stage Sat 7th
Doctor P South Stage Sat 7th
Ed Mackie South Stage Fri 6th
Ed Sheeran West Stage Sun 8th
Flux Pavilion East Stage Fri 6th
Friction South Stage Fri 6th
Funeral For A Friend East Stage Sun 8th
Goldierocks South Stage Sun 8th
Hadouken! East Stage Fri 6th
HeavyFeet South Stage Sun 8th
High Contrast feat Jessy Allen & Dynamite MC South Stage Fri 6th
Huw Stephens unknown stage day TBC
Ifan Dafydd East Stage Sat 7th
Jagga East Stage Fri 6th
Jakwob South Stage Sat 7th
Jigsaw South Stage Fri 6th
Jigsaw East Stage Sat 7th
Jimmy Needles South Stage Sun 8th
Katy B West Stage Sat 7th
Koan Sound unknown stage day TBC
L Marshall West Stage Fri 6th
Lilygreen & Maguire West Stage Fri 6th
Lulu James East Stage Fri 6th
Major Look South Stage Fri 6th
mikill pane West Stage Sun 8th
Ms. Dynamite East Stage Sat 7th
Plastic Thumbs South Stage Sat 7th
Random Impulse West Stage Fri 6th
RedLight South Stage Sun 8th
Rizzle Kicks West Stage Fri 6th
Ryan Keen West Stage Sun 8th
Sen Segur East Stage Fri 6th
Simplex South Stage Sat 7th
Smiler unknown stage day TBC
Special Guest West Stage Fri 6th
Special Guest West Stage Sat 7th
SPECIAL GUESTS East Stage Fri 6th
Straight Lines East Stage Sun 8th
Swiss Lips West Stage Sat 7th
The All-American Rejects East Stage Sun 8th
Y Bandana West Stage Sat 7th
Yashin East Stage Sun 8th
Youngman South Stage Fri 6th
Zane Lowe West Stage Sat 7th

Cardigan Bay, North Wales