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Nozstock Festival 2013 invites you on a journey ‘Through The Looking Glass’ embracing everything wonderful about English eccentricity and eclecticism whilst encapsulating the true spirit of fun and adventure. Initially started as a ‘barbeque on the lawn’, the last few years have seen this festival blossom into an eight-stage three-day extravaganza with a world-class array of bands, DJs, comedians and performance artists. 

Set within the idyllic grounds of a 17th century farm Nozstock retains a family friendly atmosphere that people return to year on year. From the pear tree lined orchard to the converted barns, secret areas, cinetent, coppice and glistening lake guest promoters play host to a rich musical tapestry of punk, dubstep, drum and bass, psy-trance, ska, acoustic, classical, folk and blues.

Stay tuned for all the latest ticket and line-up info.
Andy C and MC GQ The Cubicles
Loadstar The Cubicles
Loko The Cubicles
MC Visionobi The Cubicles
Wilkinson The Cubicles
Ava Leigh Orchard Stage
Chas 'n' Dave Orchard Stage
Dub Pistols Orchard Stage
Kitten & The Hip Orchard Stage
The Beat Orchard Stage
The Computers Orchard Stage
The Strypes Orchard Stage
Velvet Stream Orchard Stage
Backbeat Soundsystem Garden Stage
By The Rivers Garden Stage
Caolin Claby Garden Stage
Captain Accident and The Disasters Garden Stage
Cazals Garden Stage
Coda Garden Stage
DJ Yoda Garden Stage
Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags Garden Stage
Goldseal Garden Stage
Gypsy Unit Garden Stage
Heymoon Shaker Garden Stage
Jennifer Booton Garden Stage
Johnny Kowalski and The Sexy Weirdos Garden Stage
Koncept Garden Stage
MouthMaster Murph Garden Stage
Mr. Scruff Garden Stage
Octp Pi Garden Stage
Resonators Garden Stage
Sarah Joy Garden Stage
The Cadbury Sisters Garden Stage
The Inexplicables Garden Stage
Too Spicy Garden Stage
Wyynona Ryyder Garden Stage
Bahai Bullpen
Bennadict Bullpen
BVA Bullpen
Choose Life Bullpen
Chug Cartel Bullpen
Concept Of Thought Bullpen
Cracker Jon Bullpen
Defenders of Style Bullpen
Devilman Bullpen
DJ Madnice Bullpen
DJ Sammy B-Side Bullpen
Dr Syntax Bullpen
Ed Cox Bullpen
Edward Scissortongue Bullpen
Fixed Rate Bullpen
Flash Harry & Jaman Bullpen
Fliptrix Bullpen
Granville Sessions Bullpen
GV Clik Bullpen
Influx Bullpen
Jam Baxter Bullpen
Jester Jacobs Bullpen
Jman Bullpen
Kimberley Newell Bullpen
Kry Wolf Bullpen
Leaf Dog Bullpen
Lee Scott + Bill Shakes Bullpen
Lego Bullpen
Matter Bullpen
Mattycore Bullpen
Mylo Stone Bullpen
Rotation Bullpen
Rum Committee Bullpen
Skamma Bullpen
Sleaze Bullpen
Sonnyjim Bullpen
Split Prophets Bullpen
Stagga Bullpen
Stivs Bullpen
Tenchoo Bullpen
Too Late Bullpen
TPS Bullpen
Traumatik Bullpen
Verb T Bullpen
Awen The Coppice
Big Scary Monsters The Coppice
Brainiac The Coppice
Dr Psy The Coppice
Hemp The Coppice
Illegal Machines The Coppice
K.I.M. The Coppice
Lorraine The Coppice
Lurk The Coppice
Neutron The Coppice
Nocotopus The Coppice
Occular The Coppice
Pieman The Coppice
psychosonic The Coppice
Timmer The Coppice
Wicki The Coppice
F'Da F'Da The Coppice
Adam Larter comedy guests
Ben Target comedy guests
Beth Vyse comedy guests
Bob Slayer comedy guests
Gareth Morinan comedy guests
Holly Burn comedy guests
Holly Burns comedy guests
Joe Davies comedy guests
Joey Page comedy guests
John Kearns comedy guests
Karl Schultz comedy guests
Lach comedy guests
Martin Mor comedy guests
Matthew Highton comedy guests
Mr Methane comedy guests
Norman Lovett comedy guests
Pat Cahill comedy guests
Paul Duncan McGarity comedy guests
Simon Donald comedy guests
Tom Binns comedy guests
Bo Walton unknown stage
Electric Swing Circus unknown stage
George Ezra unknown stage
Gorgeous George unknown stage
Kasra unknown stage
Misty Miller unknown stage
Richard Clarke & The Rafters unknown stage
S.P.Y. unknown stage
Smerins Anti-Social Club unknown stage
Sonny Wharton unknown stage
Stiff Joints unknown stage
Tako Lako unknown stage
The Correspondents unknown stage
The Equators unknown stage
The Wytches unknown stage
Wille and the Bandits unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
Adam Larter comedy guests Unknown Day
Andy C and MC GQ The Cubicles Sat 27th
Ava Leigh Orchard Stage Unknown Day
Awen The Coppice Unknown Day
Backbeat Soundsystem Garden Stage Unknown Day
Bahai Bullpen Unknown Day
Ben Target comedy guests Unknown Day
Bennadict Bullpen Unknown Day
Beth Vyse comedy guests Unknown Day
Big Scary Monsters The Coppice Unknown Day
Bo Walton unknown stage Unknown Day
Bob Slayer comedy guests Unknown Day
Brainiac The Coppice Unknown Day
BVA Bullpen Unknown Day
By The Rivers Garden Stage Unknown Day
Caolin Claby Garden Stage Unknown Day
Captain Accident and The Disasters Garden Stage Unknown Day
Cazals Garden Stage Unknown Day
Chas 'n' Dave Orchard Stage Unknown Day
Choose Life Bullpen Unknown Day
Chug Cartel Bullpen Unknown Day
Coda Garden Stage Unknown Day
Concept Of Thought Bullpen Unknown Day
Cracker Jon Bullpen Unknown Day
Defenders of Style Bullpen Unknown Day
Devilman Bullpen Unknown Day
DJ Madnice Bullpen Unknown Day
DJ Sammy B-Side Bullpen Unknown Day
DJ Yoda Garden Stage Unknown Day
Dr Psy The Coppice Unknown Day
Dr Syntax Bullpen Unknown Day
Dub Pistols Orchard Stage Unknown Day
Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags Garden Stage Unknown Day
Ed Cox Bullpen Unknown Day
Edward Scissortongue Bullpen Unknown Day
Electric Swing Circus unknown stage Unknown Day
F'Da F'Da The Coppice Unknown Day
Fixed Rate Bullpen Unknown Day
Flash Harry & Jaman Bullpen Unknown Day
Fliptrix Bullpen Unknown Day
Gareth Morinan comedy guests Unknown Day
George Ezra unknown stage Unknown Day
Goldseal Garden Stage Unknown Day
Gorgeous George unknown stage Unknown Day
Granville Sessions Bullpen Unknown Day
GV Clik Bullpen Unknown Day
Gypsy Unit Garden Stage Unknown Day
Hemp The Coppice Unknown Day
Heymoon Shaker Garden Stage Unknown Day
Holly Burn comedy guests Unknown Day
Holly Burns comedy guests Unknown Day
Illegal Machines The Coppice Unknown Day
Influx Bullpen Unknown Day
Jam Baxter Bullpen Unknown Day
Jennifer Booton Garden Stage Unknown Day
Jester Jacobs Bullpen Unknown Day
Jman Bullpen Unknown Day
Joe Davies comedy guests Unknown Day
Joey Page comedy guests Unknown Day
John Kearns comedy guests Unknown Day
Johnny Kowalski and The Sexy Weirdos Garden Stage Unknown Day
K.I.M. The Coppice Unknown Day
Karl Schultz comedy guests Unknown Day
Kasra unknown stage Unknown Day
Kimberley Newell Bullpen Unknown Day
Kitten & The Hip Orchard Stage Unknown Day
Koncept Garden Stage Unknown Day
Kry Wolf Bullpen Unknown Day
Lach comedy guests Unknown Day
Leaf Dog Bullpen Unknown Day
Lee Scott + Bill Shakes Bullpen Unknown Day
Lego Bullpen Unknown Day
Loadstar The Cubicles Sat 27th
Loko The Cubicles Sat 27th
Lorraine The Coppice Unknown Day
Lurk The Coppice Unknown Day
Martin Mor comedy guests Unknown Day
Matter Bullpen Unknown Day
Matthew Highton comedy guests Unknown Day
Mattycore Bullpen Unknown Day
MC Visionobi The Cubicles Sat 27th
Misty Miller unknown stage Unknown Day
MORE LIKE TREES Garden Stage Unknown Day
MouthMaster Murph Garden Stage Unknown Day
Mr Methane comedy guests Unknown Day
Mr. Scruff Garden Stage Unknown Day
Mylo Stone Bullpen Unknown Day
Neutron The Coppice Unknown Day
Nocotopus The Coppice Unknown Day
Norman Lovett comedy guests Unknown Day
Occular The Coppice Unknown Day
Octp Pi Garden Stage Unknown Day
Pat Cahill comedy guests Unknown Day
Paul Duncan McGarity comedy guests Unknown Day
Pieman The Coppice Unknown Day
psychosonic The Coppice Unknown Day
Resonators Garden Stage Unknown Day
Richard Clarke & The Rafters unknown stage Unknown Day
Rotation Bullpen Unknown Day
Rum Committee Bullpen Unknown Day
S.P.Y. unknown stage Unknown Day
Sarah Joy Garden Stage Unknown Day
Simon Donald comedy guests Unknown Day
Skamma Bullpen Unknown Day
Sleaze Bullpen Unknown Day
Smerins Anti-Social Club unknown stage Unknown Day
Sonny Wharton unknown stage Unknown Day
Sonnyjim Bullpen Unknown Day
Split Prophets Bullpen Unknown Day
Stagga Bullpen Unknown Day
Stiff Joints unknown stage Unknown Day
Stivs Bullpen Unknown Day
Tako Lako unknown stage Unknown Day
Tenchoo Bullpen Unknown Day
The Beat Orchard Stage Unknown Day
The Cadbury Sisters Garden Stage Unknown Day
The Computers Orchard Stage Unknown Day
The Correspondents unknown stage Unknown Day
The Equators unknown stage Unknown Day
The Inexplicables Garden Stage Unknown Day
The Strypes Orchard Stage Unknown Day
The Wytches unknown stage Unknown Day
Timmer The Coppice Unknown Day
Tom Binns comedy guests Unknown Day
Too Late Bullpen Unknown Day
Too Spicy Garden Stage Unknown Day
TPS Bullpen Unknown Day
Traumatik Bullpen Unknown Day
Velvet Stream Orchard Stage Unknown Day
Verb T Bullpen Unknown Day
Wicki The Coppice Unknown Day
Wilkinson The Cubicles Sat 27th
Wille and the Bandits unknown stage Unknown Day
Wyynona Ryyder Garden Stage Unknown Day
Name Distance Prices From
The Hop Pole Hotel - Bromyard 0.9 ml £20.00 Book
Huntlands Farm 4.7 ml £70.00 Book
The Court House 7.5 ml £85.00 Book
The Chandlery 7.9 ml £50.00 Book
Laughern Hill Estate 8.6 ml £119.00 Book
Orleton Court Farm Bed and Breakfast 8.9 ml £45.00 Book
Bank House Hotel 9.7 ml £85.00 Book
Colwall Park - Hotel Bar & Restaurant 9.8 ml £65.00 Book
The Malvern Hills Hotel 11.0 ml £85.00 Book
The Birches Bed & Breakfast 13.9 ml £80.00 Book

The Farm, Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR74LS