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NASS is a three day festival bringing together 15,000 lovers of music, skate, bmx and the lifestyle that surround them. 7 music stages from dubstep and DnB to punk and rock are constructed alongside purpose built skate parks to celebrate what we love

NASS is the UK’s only action sports and music festival and the place to come together to truly be a part of the lifestyle we love. Nowhere else is it possible to witness the World’s best athletes take part in real competition surrounded by true celebration. It is a competitive fellowship that NASS lives by and always will do. Raw yet professional, honest and real. We are all equal!

Method Man Vs Redman Main Stage
Giggs Main Stage
High Contrast Main Stage
Charlie Sloth Main Stage
Dub Pistols Main Stage
Bassline Smith unknown stage
D.R.S. unknown stage
Chunky unknown stage
Noisia Southbank
Danny Byrd Southbank
Metrik Southbank
DJ Hype Southbank
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Southbank
Ivy Lab Southbank
Mollie Collins Southbank
IC3 Southbank
Dynamite MC Southbank
Chunky Southbank
Toddla T & DRS Warehouse
Ms Banks Warehouse
Stefflon Don Warehouse
Coco Warehouse
Roska Warehouse
Jus Now Warehouse
Cadenza Warehouse
DJ Target Warehouse
Pendulum Main Stage
Sigma Main Stage
Krept & Konan Main Stage
Big Narstie Main Stage
Gentleman's Dub Club Main Stage
Nadia Rose Main Stage
Too Many T's Main Stage
Carasel unknown stage
Mampi Swift unknown stage
Sub Focus (DJ Set) + MC ID Southbank
My Nu Leng & Dread MC Southbank
TQD (Royal T, DJ Q, Flava D) Southbank
DJ Zinc Southbank
Crissy Criss Southbank
Mampi Swift Southbank
Evil B Southbank
M Blaze Southbank
DJ Darko Southbank
David Rodigan Warehouse
Mala Warehouse
Preditah Warehouse
Channel One Warehouse
Randall Warehouse
Sir Spyro Warehouse
Kano Main Stage
Wiley Main Stage
Loyle Carner Main Stage
Rejjie Snow Main Stage
Kiko Bun Main Stage
General Roots Main Stage
Logistics unknown stage
Nu:Tone unknown stage
[unknown] unknown stage
Bad Company UK Southbank
Matrix & Futurebound Southbank
Messy Southbank
Calyx & Teebee Southbank
Hazard Southbank
Dimension Southbank
Nu:Logic Southbank
Eksman Southbank
Logan D Southbank
Premise Southbank
Linguistics Southbank
BVA Warehouse
Danja Warehouse
Devilman & Badness Warehouse
Dirty Dike Warehouse
DJ Sammy B-Side Warehouse
Fliptrix Warehouse
Holly Flo Lightly Warehouse
Inja Warehouse
Killa P Warehouse
Leaf Dog Warehouse
Mal Warehouse
Mr Key Warehouse
Nastee Boi Warehouse
Omus One Warehouse
Sox Warehouse
Verb T Warehouse
Crisis unknown stage
Klimax unknown stage
Youngman unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
[unknown] unknown stage Sun 9th
Bad Company UK Southbank Sun 9th
Bassline Smith unknown stage Fri 7th
Big Narstie Main Stage Sat 8th
BVA Warehouse Sun 9th
Cadenza Warehouse Fri 7th
Calyx & Teebee Southbank Sun 9th
Carasel unknown stage Sat 8th
Channel One Warehouse Sat 8th
Charlie Sloth Main Stage Fri 7th
Chunky Southbank Fri 7th
Chunky unknown stage Fri 7th
Coco Warehouse Fri 7th
Crisis unknown stage Unknown Day
Crissy Criss Southbank Sat 8th
D.R.S. unknown stage Fri 7th
Danja Warehouse Sun 9th
Danny Byrd Southbank Fri 7th
David Rodigan Warehouse Sat 8th
Devilman & Badness Warehouse Sun 9th
Dimension Southbank Sun 9th
Dirty Dike Warehouse Sun 9th
DJ Darko Southbank Sat 8th
DJ Hype Southbank Fri 7th
DJ Sammy B-Side Warehouse Sun 9th
DJ Target Warehouse Fri 7th
DJ Zinc Southbank Sat 8th
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Southbank Fri 7th
Dub Pistols Main Stage Fri 7th
Dynamite MC Southbank Fri 7th
Eksman Southbank Sun 9th
Evil B Southbank Sat 8th
Fliptrix Warehouse Sun 9th
General Roots Main Stage Sun 9th
Gentleman's Dub Club Main Stage Sat 8th
Giggs Main Stage Fri 7th
Hazard Southbank Sun 9th
High Contrast Main Stage Fri 7th
Holly Flo Lightly Warehouse Sun 9th
IC3 Southbank Fri 7th
Inja Warehouse Sun 9th
Ivy Lab Southbank Fri 7th
Jus Now Warehouse Fri 7th
Kano Main Stage Sun 9th
Kiko Bun Main Stage Sun 9th
Killa P Warehouse Sun 9th
Klimax unknown stage Unknown Day
Krept & Konan Main Stage Sat 8th
Leaf Dog Warehouse Sun 9th
Linguistics Southbank Sun 9th
Logan D Southbank Sun 9th
Logistics unknown stage Sun 9th
Loyle Carner Main Stage Sun 9th
M Blaze Southbank Sat 8th
Mal Warehouse Sun 9th
Mala Warehouse Sat 8th
Mampi Swift Southbank Sat 8th
Mampi Swift unknown stage Sat 8th
Matrix & Futurebound Southbank Sun 9th
Messy Southbank Sun 9th
Method Man Vs Redman Main Stage Fri 7th
Metrik Southbank Fri 7th
Mollie Collins Southbank Fri 7th
Mr Key Warehouse Sun 9th
Ms Banks Warehouse Fri 7th
My Nu Leng & Dread MC Southbank Sat 8th
Nadia Rose Main Stage Sat 8th
Nastee Boi Warehouse Sun 9th
Noisia Southbank Fri 7th
Nu:Logic Southbank Sun 9th
Nu:Tone unknown stage Sun 9th
Omus One Warehouse Sun 9th
Pendulum Main Stage Sat 8th
Preditah Warehouse Sat 8th
Premise Southbank Sun 9th
Randall Warehouse Sat 8th
Rejjie Snow Main Stage Sun 9th
Roska Warehouse Fri 7th
Sigma Main Stage Sat 8th
Sir Spyro Warehouse Sat 8th
Sox Warehouse Sun 9th
Stefflon Don Warehouse Fri 7th
Sub Focus (DJ Set) + MC ID Southbank Sat 8th
Toddla T & DRS Warehouse Fri 7th
Too Many T's Main Stage Sat 8th
TQD (Royal T, DJ Q, Flava D) Southbank Sat 8th
Verb T Warehouse Sun 9th
Wiley Main Stage Sun 9th
Youngman unknown stage Unknown Day
Name Distance Prices From
The Pecking Mill Inn & Hotel 0.3 ml £45.00 Book
Charlton House 1.0 ml £125.00 Book
The Highwayman Inn 1.6 ml £39.00 Book
The Dusthole /The Kings Arms 1.6 ml £55.00 Book
Snoozebox Glastonbury 1.6 ml £399.00 Book
Manor House Inn 3.1 ml £51.00 Book
The Natterjack Inn 3.1 ml £85.00 Book
The Oakhill Inn 3.7 ml £77.50 Book
The Bothy at Manor Farm 3.8 ml £90.00 Book
The Crossways 4.2 ml £39.00 Book
Lower Farm B & B 5.5 ml £85.00 Book
BEST WESTERN PLUS Swan Hotel 5.8 ml £82.00 Book
The Kings Arms Inn 6.0 ml £69.00 Book
Beltane Bed and Breakfast 6.5 ml £80.00 Book
St Edmund s Stables 6.9 ml £200.00 Book

Royal Bath And West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA46QN