Desertfest Desertfest

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29 April - 01 May 2022

Venues, Camden, NW18QP

Rock Metal 80s 90s Psychedelic Family Friendly Disabled Access

Desertfest is a 3-day rock/stoner rock/sludge/doom festival with over 50 acts across different venues in Camden in North London.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans
Aggressive Perfector
Black Orchids
Blind Monarch
Bonnacons of Doom
Electric Wizard
Elephant Tree
Fire Down Below
Green Lung
Grey Brain
Hangman's Chair
Hey Colossus
Human Leather
Inhuman Nature
King Witch
Morag Tong
Mos Generator
My Sleeping Karma
Opium Lord
Orange Goblin
Orbital Junction
Part Chimp
Pissed Jeans
Purple Kong
Remote Viewing
Sacri Monti
Seven Sisters
Somali Yacht Club
Spirit Adrift
Ten Foot Wizard
The Brothers Keg
The Lunar Effect
The Obssessed
Tides of Sulfur
Trippy Wicked and The Cosmic Children of Knight
Your Highness

There are no camping options for this event. 

Steak Electric Ballroom
Witchcraft Electric Ballroom
Corrosion Of Conformity Electric Ballroom
Truckfighters Electric Ballroom
Lowrider Electric Ballroom
Mos Generator Electric Ballroom
Spirit Adrift Black Heart
Seven Sisters Black Heart
Inhuman Nature Black Heart
Dungeon Black Heart
Aggressive Perfector Black Heart
Gévaudan Black Heart
Integrity Underworld
Petbrick Underworld
Switchblade Underworld
Coltsblood Underworld
Black Lab Underworld
Blind Monarch Underworld
Alunah Devonshire Arms
The Brothers Keg Devonshire Arms
Black Orchids Devonshire Arms
Dunes Devonshire Arms
The Lunar Effect Devonshire Arms
Gnod Powerhaus
Hey Colossus Powerhaus
SLIFT Powerhaus
Bonnacons of Doom Powerhaus
Shuck Powerhaus
Agressive perfector unknown stage
Orange Goblin Electric Ballroom
Earthless Electric Ballroom
Stoner Electric Ballroom
My Sleeping Karma Electric Ballroom
Wino Electric Ballroom
gurt Devonshire Arms
Slomosa Devonshire Arms
Purple Kong Devonshire Arms
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans Devonshire Arms
Lacertilia Devonshire Arms
Khemmis Underworld
Hangman's Chair Underworld
Deathrite Underworld
Green Lung Underworld
Konvent Underworld
King Witch Underworld
Josiah Black Heart
Maidavale Black Heart
Grotto Black Heart
Fire Down Below Black Heart
Your Highness Black Heart
Orbital Junction Black Heart
Ten Foot Wizard Underworld
Somali Yacht Club Underworld
Sacri Monti Underworld
The Huntsmen Underworld
Desert Storm Underworld
Trippy Wicked Underworld
Morag Tong Underworld
Opium Lord Black Heart
Human Leather Black Heart
Shrykull Black Heart
Tides Of Sulfur Black Heart
Under Black Heart
Remote Viewing Black Heart
1782 Devonshire Arms
URNE Devonshire Arms
Wolftooth Devonshire Arms
WALLOWING Devonshire Arms
Grey Brain Devonshire Arms
Artist Stage Day
1782 Devonshire Arms Sun 1st
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans Devonshire Arms Sat 30th
Aggressive Perfector Black Heart Fri 29th
Agressive perfector unknown stage Fri 29th
Alunah Devonshire Arms Fri 29th
Black Lab Underworld Fri 29th
Black Orchids Devonshire Arms Fri 29th
Blind Monarch Underworld Fri 29th
Bonnacons of Doom Powerhaus Fri 29th
Coltsblood Underworld Fri 29th
Corrosion Of Conformity Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
Deathrite Underworld Sat 30th
Desert Storm Underworld Sun 1st
Dunes Devonshire Arms Fri 29th
Dungeon Black Heart Fri 29th
Earthless Electric Ballroom Sat 30th
Fire Down Below Black Heart Sat 30th
Gévaudan Black Heart Fri 29th
Gnod Powerhaus Fri 29th
Green Lung Underworld Sat 30th
Grey Brain Devonshire Arms Sun 1st
Grotto Black Heart Sat 30th
gurt Devonshire Arms Sat 30th
Hangman's Chair Underworld Sat 30th
Hey Colossus Powerhaus Fri 29th
Human Leather Black Heart Sun 1st
Inhuman Nature Black Heart Fri 29th
Integrity Underworld Fri 29th
Josiah Black Heart Sat 30th
Khemmis Underworld Sat 30th
King Witch Underworld Sat 30th
Konvent Underworld Sat 30th
Lacertilia Devonshire Arms Sat 30th
Lowrider Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
Maidavale Black Heart Sat 30th
Morag Tong Underworld Sun 1st
Mos Generator Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
My Sleeping Karma Electric Ballroom Sat 30th
Opium Lord Black Heart Sun 1st
Orange Goblin Electric Ballroom Sat 30th
Orbital Junction Black Heart Sat 30th
Petbrick Underworld Fri 29th
Purple Kong Devonshire Arms Sat 30th
Remote Viewing Black Heart Sun 1st
Sacri Monti Underworld Sun 1st
Seven Sisters Black Heart Fri 29th
Shrykull Black Heart Sun 1st
Shuck Powerhaus Fri 29th
SLIFT Powerhaus Fri 29th
Slomosa Devonshire Arms Sat 30th
Somali Yacht Club Underworld Sun 1st
Spirit Adrift Black Heart Fri 29th
Steak Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
Stoner Electric Ballroom Sat 30th
Switchblade Underworld Fri 29th
Ten Foot Wizard Underworld Sun 1st
The Brothers Keg Devonshire Arms Fri 29th
The Huntsmen Underworld Sun 1st
The Lunar Effect Devonshire Arms Fri 29th
Tides Of Sulfur Black Heart Sun 1st
Trippy Wicked Underworld Sun 1st
Truckfighters Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
Under Black Heart Sun 1st
URNE Devonshire Arms Sun 1st
WALLOWING Devonshire Arms Sun 1st
Wino Electric Ballroom Sat 30th
Witchcraft Electric Ballroom Fri 29th
Wolftooth Devonshire Arms Sun 1st
Your Highness Black Heart Sat 30th
Name Distance Prices From
Euston Square Hotel 0.3 ml £66.00 Book
The Wesley (formerly known as MIC) 0.3 ml £55.00 Book
Prince Arthur (Pub Accommodation) 0.3 ml £39.00 Book
Secret Hotel - Regents Park 0.3 ml £400.00 Book
Access Euston 0.3 ml £81.00 Book
Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel 0.4 ml £71.00 Book
Melia White House Hotel 0.4 ml £143.20 Book
St Christopher s Inn Camden 0.4 ml £9.50 Book
Ambassadors Bloomsbury 0.5 ml £70.00 Book
York & Albany 0.5 ml £205.00 Book
LSE Carr-Saunders Hall 0.5 ml £55.00 Book
LSE Passfield Hall 0.5 ml £42.50 Book
Smart Camden Inn 0.5 ml £10.99 Book
Flower Apartments 0.5 ml £280.00 Book
George Hotel 0.6 ml £45.00 Book

Venues, Camden, NW18QP