BoomTown Fair BoomTown Fair

After a sell-out show last year the Boomtown Fair is back in 2011 with a load of new areas to explore. Boomtown Fair is unlike any other festival, the legend of Boomtown tells it was once a small but prosperous retreat now changed into a land of lawless rebels, with only the town official’s to uphold its former glory. 2011 sees a new chapter to the Boomtown story with the opening of previously undiscovered areas, with fresh tales waiting to be unleashed. The Town Officials have decided to give the town centre an upgrade with bigger buildings, bigger bands, and even louder sound! Explore the Bassline Circus where there will be some amazing performances, heavy electro and Dubstep beats. Streets filled with a great choice of food and drink, bands, and great entertainment, Boomtown fair has it all! Camping for the full weekend cost's a minor £93, a bargain with the amount of entertainment and work gone into this amazing individual festival!


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