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Known for its fully immersive environment, BoomTown’s theme is not merely reserved for one day of the festival, but provides a starting point for the towns folk to create the character they wish to become for the whole festival

With tickets flying out faster than rockets from a space ship, BoomTown have announced that over 70% of their tickets have now been snapped up by the eager beaver, fun-loving town’s folk! With only ‘tier four’ tickets available, tier’s 1, 2, 3 and all teen tickets are fully sold out! Now seems like the best time to reveal that the fancy dress theme will be... Outer Space! Along with the theme BoomTown can outline the plans for 15 new venues and extra terrestrial areas, attractions and adventures.

Known for its fully immersive environment, BoomTown’s theme is not merely reserved for one day of the festival, but provides a starting point for the towns folk to create the character they wish to become for the whole festival. With last year’s theme ruling the town for the entire 4-days and nights, the outfits were outrageous, extrovert and outlandish where every single person added to the overriding atmosphere and escapism of the festival! This year’s Outer Space theme will be no different! With the mothership Arcadia crash landing onsite, strange creatures infesting the surrounding woodlands and mutated vehicles patrolling the landscape, the aliens are walking amongst us and if you can’t beat ‘em, may as well blow up a pair of marigolds, stick them on your head, spray yourself silver and join in!

In addition to the theme, BoomTown devote a lot of time and creativity developing the most interactive playground of them all; a stage for all the crazy characters; a film set for the actor within; a zoo for the unleashed animals, whatever you want to call it, BoomTown is a place like no-other! This year there will be 15 more bonkers venues springing up across the various streets of BoomTown: hidden deep in the underbelly of Downtown, propping up the rickety walls of Oldtown and gracing the marbled streets of May-fair Avenue, each just waiting with a whole array of new secret shenanigans to be uncovered... 

As well as the addition of 15 new quirky and unique venues to get lost in, there are a selection of additional stages including Arcadia, Bearded Kitten’s Bank and the Hidden Woods. Already announced, Arcadia have been flat out devising their biggest show to date to include huge whirlwind fire shows, gravity defying suspended artists, electrifying lightening duels and more smoke, metal and lasers than ever before! 

Bearded Kitten presents...The Bank, BoomTown are thrilled to welcome the award winning Bearded Kitten back into the fold! After the rip roaring success of last year’s tip top night spot, The Gentleman’s Club, 2012 sees The Bearded Boys hosting a plethora of lawn-based mischief all day in their brand new outdoor arena and unveil the grand opening the very first branch of the Boomtown bank! Expect array of financial fun, games, activities and general silliness followed by late-night knees-ups in the Gentleman’s parlour! 

The Hidden Woods stage, set in the glorious leafed canopy of the surrounding woodland tucked away from the chaos, will present some of the finest live dub and reggae bands and provide the perfect place to sit back, relax and lose yourself! 
On top of the new stages, the town committee have been given the go ahead to expand the city into a huge luscious new area for more camping, with access to the town being only a short walk along the beautiful wooded walkway. The ever growing craft and healing field has also expanded this year with new additions including saunas, hot tubs, psytrance and chillout areas. 

At the same times as building the sets, town planning and concocting fancy dress outfits, the BoomTown crew have also been busy adding to the already bursting line-up and can now give a sneaky teaser that the ultimate secret headline act is locked in for Sunday night, but the anticipation will have to grow as their lips are sealed until July! 

Boom Town is rapidly turning into Boom City and the 2012 fair is set to be on a whole new level of Madness!

Published on 12 April 2012 by Ben Robinson

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