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The Dot To Dot Festival takes place in May and is spread across 3 city centres with over 100 artists playing at the cities' best venues. Starting in Bristol on the 2nd of June then moving to Nottingham and Manchester the Dot To Dot brings some of the finest acts around into its line up. Over the years acts such as Mumford and Sons, Mystery Jets, Friendly Fires, Ed Sheeran and many more have played at the amazing venues in these large city centres.
The Drums Nottingham
Pulled Apart by Horses Nottingham
Willy Mason Nottingham
Wavves Nottingham
Willis Earl Beal Nottingham
Dog Is Dead Nottingham
Lucy Rose Nottingham
Hooray for Earth Nottingham
Summer Camp Nottingham
Admiral Fallow Nottingham
Bastille Nottingham
Beth Jeans Houghton Nottingham
Bondax Nottingham
Broken Hands Nottingham
Clock Opera Nottingham
Deaf Club Nottingham
Dirty Goods Nottingham
EYES ON FILM Nottingham
Islet Nottingham
Jake Bugg Nottingham
Kyla La Grange Nottingham
Lulu James Nottingham
Murray James Nottingham
Patterns Nottingham
Peace Nottingham
Pearl and the Beard Nottingham
Rae Morris Nottingham
Random Impulse Nottingham
The Rumour Said Fire Nottingham
Ryan Keen Nottingham
Shinies Nottingham
Swiss Lips Nottingham
Thepetebox Nottingham
Turbowolf Nottingham
Vadoinmessico Nottingham
Wonder Villains Nottingham
The Drums Manchester
Pulled Apart by Horses Manchester
Willy Mason Manchester
Wavves Manchester
Neon Indian Manchester
Willis Earl Beal Manchester
Dog Is Dead Manchester
Lucy Rose Manchester
Hooray for Earth Manchester
Summer Camp Manchester
Admiral Fallow Manchester
Bastille Manchester
Bondax Manchester
Broken Hands Manchester
Clock Opera Manchester
Deaf Club Manchester
Dirty Goods Manchester
EYES ON FILM Manchester
Islet Manchester
Jake Bugg Manchester
Kyla La Grange Manchester
Lulu James Manchester
Murray James Manchester
Patterns Manchester
Peace Manchester
Pearl and the Beard Manchester
Rae Morris Manchester
Random Impulse Manchester
The Rumour Said Fire Manchester
Ryan Keen Manchester
Shinies Manchester
Swiss Lips Manchester
Thepetebox Manchester
Turbowolf Manchester
Vadoinmessico Manchester
Wonder Villains Manchester
Artist Stage Day
Admiral Fallow Bristol Day 1
Admiral Fallow Nottingham Day 2
Admiral Fallow Manchester Day 3
Bastille Bristol Day 1
Bastille Nottingham Day 2
Bastille Manchester Day 3
Beth Jeans Houghton Bristol Day 1
Beth Jeans Houghton Nottingham Day 2
Bondax Bristol Day 1
Bondax Nottingham Day 2
Bondax Manchester Day 3
Broken Hands Bristol Day 1
Broken Hands Nottingham Day 2
Broken Hands Manchester Day 3
Clock Opera Bristol Day 1
Clock Opera Nottingham Day 2
Clock Opera Manchester Day 3
Deaf Club Bristol Day 1
Deaf Club Nottingham Day 2
Deaf Club Manchester Day 3
Dirty Goods Bristol Day 1
Dirty Goods Nottingham Day 2
Dirty Goods Manchester Day 3
Dog Is Dead Bristol Day 1
Dog Is Dead Nottingham Day 2
Dog Is Dead Manchester Day 3
EYES ON FILM Nottingham Day 2
EYES ON FILM Manchester Day 3
Hooray for Earth Bristol Day 1
Hooray for Earth Nottingham Day 2
Hooray for Earth Manchester Day 3
Islet Bristol Day 1
Islet Nottingham Day 2
Islet Manchester Day 3
Jake Bugg Bristol Day 1
Jake Bugg Nottingham Day 2
Jake Bugg Manchester Day 3
Kyla La Grange Bristol Day 1
Kyla La Grange Nottingham Day 2
Kyla La Grange Manchester Day 3
Lucy Rose Bristol Day 1
Lucy Rose Nottingham Day 2
Lucy Rose Manchester Day 3
Lulu James Bristol Day 1
Lulu James Nottingham Day 2
Lulu James Manchester Day 3
Murray James Bristol Day 1
Murray James Nottingham Day 2
Murray James Manchester Day 3
Neon Indian Manchester Day 3
Patterns Bristol Day 1
Patterns Nottingham Day 2
Patterns Manchester Day 3
Peace Bristol Day 1
Peace Nottingham Day 2
Peace Manchester Day 3
Pearl and the Beard Bristol Day 1
Pearl and the Beard Nottingham Day 2
Pearl and the Beard Manchester Day 3
Pulled Apart by Horses Bristol Day 1
Pulled Apart by Horses Nottingham Day 2
Pulled Apart by Horses Manchester Day 3
Rae Morris Bristol Day 1
Rae Morris Nottingham Day 2
Rae Morris Manchester Day 3
Random Impulse Bristol Day 1
Random Impulse Nottingham Day 2
Random Impulse Manchester Day 3
Ryan Keen Bristol Day 1
Ryan Keen Nottingham Day 2
Ryan Keen Manchester Day 3
Shinies Bristol Day 1
Shinies Nottingham Day 2
Shinies Manchester Day 3
Summer Camp Bristol Day 1
Summer Camp Nottingham Day 2
Summer Camp Manchester Day 3
Swiss Lips Bristol Day 1
Swiss Lips Nottingham Day 2
Swiss Lips Manchester Day 3
The Drums Bristol Day 1
The Drums Nottingham Day 2
The Drums Manchester Day 3
The Rumour Said Fire Bristol Day 1
The Rumour Said Fire Nottingham Day 2
The Rumour Said Fire Manchester Day 3
Thepetebox Bristol Day 1
Thepetebox Nottingham Day 2
Thepetebox Manchester Day 3
Turbowolf Bristol Day 1
Turbowolf Nottingham Day 2
Turbowolf Manchester Day 3
Vadoinmessico Bristol Day 1
Vadoinmessico Nottingham Day 2
Vadoinmessico Manchester Day 3
Wavves Bristol Day 1
Wavves Nottingham Day 2
Wavves Manchester Day 3
Willis Earl Beal Bristol Day 1
Willis Earl Beal Nottingham Day 2
Willis Earl Beal Manchester Day 3
Willy Mason Bristol Day 1
Willy Mason Nottingham Day 2
Willy Mason Manchester Day 3
Wonder Villains Bristol Day 1
Wonder Villains Nottingham Day 2
Wonder Villains Manchester Day 3

Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester