Larmer Tree Festival Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

The first Larmer Tree festival was held on a really beautiful Saturday in July 1990. Called 'The First Larmer Tree Jazz, Blues & Folk Roots Festival' and, with Dick Heckstall Smith headlining, it ran from midday 'till midnight with an audience of around 150 people.

Everyone had a fantastic time and they all said: “You really must do this again”. So, apart from taking a year off in 1992, the festival has run annually in July since then.

"We vowed right from the beginning that the festival would be sponsor-free and despite some very tempting offers, we’ve been true to our word. So with no outside forces to influence us we’re free, with the aid of our brilliant team, to develop an intimate and extraordinary event of entirely our own creation.  Our links with local organisations as well as hundreds of volunteers from the local area help us maintain the festival's original roots and community spirit."  


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