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01 May 2021

Waterhall, Brighton, BN18YR

Rock Pop Dance Alt\Indie House Electronic 90s Family Friendly Disabled Access

On the 18th of July, The Noughty 90's Festival will be held for the first time at its new home at Waterhall in Brighton.

The event will feature four massive stages of live music, the best bands of the 90's and 00's, world-class DJs and artists from all over the world, as well as a VIP Area, gourmet street food, R'n'B Roller Disco, retro bars, a 90's arcade, funfair rides and so much more.

It aims to be the biggest throwback to that recent bygone era.

Boyzlife Pop Hits
5ive Pop Hits
S Club Pop Hits
Fatman Scoop Pop Hits
East 17 Pop Hits
Snap! Pop Hits
N-Trance Pop Hits
Livin' Joy Pop Hits
Alex Party Pop Hits
Phats & Small Pop Hits
Baby D Pop Hits
Cappella Pop Hits
Urban Cookie Collective Pop Hits
Mike Panteli Pop Hits
Ratpack AWOL
Randal AWOL
Brockie and Det AWOL
Mickey Finn AWOL
Slipmatt AWOL
Grooverider AWOL
Kenny Ken AWOL
Nicky Blackmarket AWOL
Fearless AWOL
Pitch AWOL
Brandon Block Clockwork Orange
Jon Pleased Wimmin Clockwork Orange
Alex P Clockwork Orange
John Kelly Clockwork Orange
Rob Tissera Clockwork Orange
Andy Manston Clockwork Orange
Danny Clockwork Clockwork Orange
GARY TURNER Clockwork Orange
Mikee Hollywood Clockwork Orange
Dene Sonnessa Clockwork Orange
Paul Clark Clockwork Orange
DJ Luck & MC Neat Garage Nation
Romeo Garage Nation
So Solid Crew Garage Nation
Matt Jam Lamont Garage Nation
Pied Piper Garage Nation
MC DT Garage Nation
Sweet Female Attitude Garage Nation
Mike Delinquent Garage Nation
Dj Cartier Garage Nation
Martin Larner Garage Nation
Kofi B Garage Nation
Dappz Garage Nation
BANNERWORX Garage Nation
MC Teraway Garage Nation
Artist Stage Day
5ive Pop Hits Sat 1st
Alex P Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Alex Party Pop Hits Sat 1st
Andy Manston Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Baby D Pop Hits Sat 1st
BANNERWORX Garage Nation Sat 1st
Boyzlife Pop Hits Sat 1st
Brandon Block Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Brockie and Det AWOL Sat 1st
Cappella Pop Hits Sat 1st
Danny Clockwork Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Dappz Garage Nation Sat 1st
Dene Sonnessa Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Dj Cartier Garage Nation Sat 1st
DJ Luck & MC Neat Garage Nation Sat 1st
East 17 Pop Hits Sat 1st
Fatman Scoop Pop Hits Sat 1st
Fearless AWOL Sat 1st
GARY TURNER Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Grooverider AWOL Sat 1st
John Kelly Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Jon Pleased Wimmin Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Kenny Ken AWOL Sat 1st
Kofi B Garage Nation Sat 1st
Livin' Joy Pop Hits Sat 1st
Martin Larner Garage Nation Sat 1st
Matt Jam Lamont Garage Nation Sat 1st
MC DT Garage Nation Sat 1st
MC GQ AWOL Sat 1st
MC Moose AWOL Sat 1st
MC Teraway Garage Nation Sat 1st
Mickey Finn AWOL Sat 1st
Mike Delinquent Garage Nation Sat 1st
Mike Panteli Pop Hits Sat 1st
Mikee Hollywood Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Nicky Blackmarket AWOL Sat 1st
N-Trance Pop Hits Sat 1st
Paul Clark Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Phats & Small Pop Hits Sat 1st
Pied Piper Garage Nation Sat 1st
Pitch AWOL Sat 1st
Randal AWOL Sat 1st
Ratpack AWOL Sat 1st
Rob Tissera Clockwork Orange Sat 1st
Romeo Garage Nation Sat 1st
S Club Pop Hits Sat 1st
Slipmatt AWOL Sat 1st
Snap! Pop Hits Sat 1st
So Solid Crew Garage Nation Sat 1st
Sweet Female Attitude Garage Nation Sat 1st
Urban Cookie Collective Pop Hits Sat 1st
Name Distance Prices From
Arundel Park Hotel 1.2 ml £55.00 Book
The White Swan Inn 1.2 ml £70.00 Book
Norfolk Arms Hotel 1.2 ml £71.10 Book
Comfort Inn Arundel 1.2 ml £59.00 Book
Travelodge Littlehampton Rustington 2.4 ml £199.00 Book
Arun Sands 2.8 ml £80.00 Book
Orchard Cottage Holidays 3.5 ml £110.00 Book
Travelodge Arundel Fontwell 3.6 ml £35.00 Book
Angmering Manor 3.8 ml £79.00 Book
Bonnies Boutique 4.4 ml £110.00 Book
Amberley Castle Relais & Ch�teaux 4.6 ml £269.00 Book
The Seaview Hotel 4.6 ml £40.00 Book
Best Western Beachcroft Hotel 5.3 ml £76.50 Book
Trevali Guesthouse 5.9 ml £46.00 Book
Highdown Hotel 6.0 ml £49.00 Book

Waterhall, Brighton, BN18YR