Wilderness Festival Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival, a new music festival, will occur at Oxfordshire's Cornbury Park in August 2011. Cornbury has been putting on shows for a century and was the home of the recently departed Cornbury Festival, which now takes place nearby Great Tew Estate. Cornbury Estate takes in 1,700 acres of ancient British woodland and is one of southern England's last few privately-owned forests. The 10,000-capacity Wilderness Festival will aim to work closely with the local community to raise funds for Cornbury's pre-and primary schools.

The MAMA Group will organise Wilderness Festival. It's a 500-acre deer park surrounded by a crescent of six interlinked lakes and a stunning forest. CEO Dean James declared: "If there were a premier league of British festival sites, Cornbury would sit at the top.


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