Shrewsbury Folk Festival Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

As far as the music is concerned Shrewsbury Folk Festival has a reputation for delivering the very finest acts from the UK and around the world, always searching to find new authentic artists as well as providing a platform for established performers, and never forgetting to add some fun and diversity to there concerts.

They try to bring quality in depth, and when you have so many talents on site at one time we get unique situations; artists bringing their fellow performers on stage to share their songs and music. When you arrive all of your needs are catered for, a fantastic campsite, where you are never more than a few moments from a venue, where you can save places for friends and have your vehicles next to your tent or caravan.

The best set on-site caterers on the folk (or any other) scene, great bars, proper flushing toilets and yes...even more showers this year. On-site WiFi coverage free of charge, loads of events and entertainment for children and young people.


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