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23 August - 25 August 2019

Kingham, OX7

Folk Pop Dance Bit Of Everything World music Family Friendly Disabled Access Camping Free

The idea behind the Big Feastival is to take a village fete, make it much bigger, stick it in the centre of London and have all proceeds go towards charity. It will combine gourmet food, family-friendly entertainment and has included some top quality live music in the past including Soul II Soul, The Charlatans, Guillemots, Roots Manuva, The Mystery Jets and many more. There are lots of types of tickets available from entry only to gourmet food to VIP tickets.

Elbow Jess Glynne
Rudimental (DJ Set)
Duke Lewis Capaldi
Jade Bird
The Zutons
Nina Nesbitt
The Cuban Brothers
DJ Luck & MC Neat
Barns Courtney
Fun Lovin' Criminals
Four of Diamonds
Jonas Blue
The Bandstand
Ultimate Power
Rob Green
Stone Bear
South London Samba
Hip Hop House Band
Izzie Derry
Claudia Stark
Eloquent Youth
Saint ALto
Lucy May Walker
The Grand Old Uke Of York
Grandmaster Flash
Jack Savoretti
BBC Music Introducing: Little Brother Eli

There are camping options for this event. 

Rudimental (DJ Set) Main Stage
Lewis Capaldi Main Stage
DJ Luck & MC Neat Main Stage
Fun Lovin' Criminals Main Stage
Sleeper Main Stage
Little Brother Eli Main Stage
Autopliot UK Udder Stage
Deco Udder Stage
joely Udder Stage
Rob Green Udder Stage
South London Samba Udder Stage
Stone Bear Udder Stage
Ultimate Power Udder Stage
Ailie Hughes Bandstand
Club De Fromage Bandstand
Ellie Dibben Bandstand
Liv Turner Bandstand
The High Points Bandstand
Thomas Ashby Bandstand
Tina Boonstra Bandstand
Jess Glynne Main Stage
Duke Main Stage
The Zutons Main Stage
Nina Nesbitt Main Stage
The Cuban Brothers Main Stage
Four of Diamonds Main Stage
Dodgy Main Stage
Grandmaster Flash Main Stage
Brasco Udder Stage
Echotape Udder Stage
Gospeloke Udder Stage
Hip Hop House Band Udder Stage
Izzie Derry Udder Stage
Lycio Udder Stage
Mangoseed Udder Stage
Sugarspun Udder Stage
De fuego Bandstand
Gospeloke Bandstand
Katie Kittermaster Bandstand
Katy Hurt Bandstand
Sophia Marshall Bandstand
Swing Patrol Bandstand
Thrill Collins Bandstand
Tiny Dancers Family Rave Bandstand
Elbow Main Stage
Jade Bird Main Stage
Barns Courtney Main Stage
Jack Savoretti Main Stage
Claudia Stark Udder Stage
Eloquent Youth Udder Stage
Lucy May Walker Udder Stage
Propaganda Udder Stage
Saint Alto Udder Stage
The Grand Old Uke of York Udder Stage
DJ BBQ Bandstand
Jack Patchett Bandstand
Jodie Knight Bandstand
Lydia Evangeline Bandstand
TFI Brit Pop Bandstand
Vic Allen Bandstand
Will Whisson Bandstand
Artist Stage Day
Ailie Hughes Bandstand Fri 23rd
Autopliot UK Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Barns Courtney Main Stage Sun 25th
Brasco Udder Stage Sat 24th
Claudia Stark Udder Stage Sun 25th
Club De Fromage Bandstand Fri 23rd
De fuego Bandstand Sat 24th
Deco Udder Stage Fri 23rd
DJ BBQ Bandstand Sun 25th
DJ Luck & MC Neat Main Stage Fri 23rd
Dodgy Main Stage Sat 24th
Duke Main Stage Sat 24th
Echotape Udder Stage Sat 24th
Elbow Main Stage Sun 25th
Ellie Dibben Bandstand Fri 23rd
Eloquent Youth Udder Stage Sun 25th
Four of Diamonds Main Stage Sat 24th
Fun Lovin' Criminals Main Stage Fri 23rd
Gospeloke Udder Stage Sat 24th
Gospeloke Bandstand Sat 24th
Grandmaster Flash Main Stage Sat 24th
Hip Hop House Band Udder Stage Sat 24th
Izzie Derry Udder Stage Sat 24th
Jack Patchett Bandstand Sun 25th
Jack Savoretti Main Stage Sun 25th
Jade Bird Main Stage Sun 25th
Jess Glynne Main Stage Sat 24th
Jodie Knight Bandstand Sun 25th
joely Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Katie Kittermaster Bandstand Sat 24th
Katy Hurt Bandstand Sat 24th
Lewis Capaldi Main Stage Fri 23rd
Little Brother Eli Main Stage Fri 23rd
Liv Turner Bandstand Fri 23rd
Lucy May Walker Udder Stage Sun 25th
Lycio Udder Stage Sat 24th
Lydia Evangeline Bandstand Sun 25th
Mangoseed Udder Stage Sat 24th
Nina Nesbitt Main Stage Sat 24th
Propaganda Udder Stage Sun 25th
Rob Green Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Rudimental (DJ Set) Main Stage Fri 23rd
Saint Alto Udder Stage Sun 25th
Sleeper Main Stage Fri 23rd
Sophia Marshall Bandstand Sat 24th
South London Samba Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Stone Bear Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Sugarspun Udder Stage Sat 24th
Swing Patrol Bandstand Sat 24th
TFI Brit Pop Bandstand Sun 25th
The Cuban Brothers Main Stage Sat 24th
The Grand Old Uke of York Udder Stage Sun 25th
The High Points Bandstand Fri 23rd
The Zutons Main Stage Sat 24th
Thomas Ashby Bandstand Fri 23rd
Thrill Collins Bandstand Sat 24th
Tina Boonstra Bandstand Fri 23rd
Tiny Dancers Family Rave Bandstand Sat 24th
Ultimate Power Udder Stage Fri 23rd
Vic Allen Bandstand Sun 25th
Will Whisson Bandstand Sun 25th
Name Distance Prices From
Cotswolds Hotel & Spa 2.0 ml £85.00 Book
Crown & Cushion Hotel 2.5 ml £40.00 Book
Heythrop Park Resort 2.9 ml £90.00 Book
The Forge - Chipping Norton 3.0 ml £70.00 Book
Mill House Hotel 4.4 ml £132.00 Book
Bruern Cottages 4.5 ml £600.00 Book
Kings Head Inn 5.5 ml £75.00 Book
The Red Lion 6.1 ml £85.00 Book
Bird in Hand 6.1 ml £80.00 Book
The Merrymouth Inn 6.9 ml £55.00 Book
The Old Swan and Minster Mill 7.7 ml £175.00 Book
Eynsham Hall 8.1 ml £57.60 Book
The Macdonald Bear Hotel 8.2 ml £70.00 Book
The Feathers Hotel 8.3 ml £89.00 Book
Marlborough Arms 8.3 ml £90.00 Book

Kingham, OX7