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(1) A pop-punk band from Gardendale and Mt. Olive Alabama. Members:Caleb vocals.Brenton guitar.Renny guitar .Lucas bass.Dillon drums.


Five artists by this name:1) East was a Hungarian progressive rock band active in the 1980's through to the mid 90's. Formed by guitarist János Varga, keyboardist Géza Pálvölgyi, singer Miklós Zareczk...

East 17

When East 17 stumbled into the Walthamstow, England limelight in late 1991 they had little idea that their rabble-rousing brand of boy-band pop would create such a storm. Indeed, at the outset, a youn...

East India Youth

East India Youth is William Doyle, a multi-instrumentalist from Bournemouth, who cut his teeth in an indie group called Doyle & The Fourfathers when he was 17 while living in Southampton. Their demo w...

East of Eden

There are 4 bands with the name East of Eden: a British progressive rock band, a German rock band and a Christian progressive hardcore band from New Zealand.* A British progressive rock band that form...

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East Park Reggae Collective

East Park Reggae Collective are a 10-piece reggae / dub reggae outfit hailing from Leeds 9, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


Eastern Front

DISCLAIMEREastern Front are a non-political band nor do they promote any type of government/organisation.Eastern Front lyrics are based on the history of war and its battles and have been written in m...

Black metal British


Eastfield have been the number one puryeyors of "rail punk" since 1996 [with several major overhauls and rebuilds along the way]. Formed in Birmingham, UK, they combine an unashamed love of first gene...

Rock Punk Rock Punk

Easy B

Easi B possesses a strong creative energy and spiritual consciousness in the music business. He is very committed to the people that his music represents and strives to provide them with conscious ly...