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Grassroots is a boutique, home grown, world class independent surf and music eco festival featuring chilled out vibes in a friendly, welcoming environment. The aim is to create a personal and intimate experience for all those that take part - festival goers, performers and our partners. You'll find acts you know and love as well as up and coming international artists on our folk, funk, blues and roots tinged live stage. Be inspired by the environment in the Eco Village and be part of the many green initiatives taking place across the festival.
Seasick Steve Main Stage
Mat McHugh Main Stage
Ben Howard Main Stage
Josh Flowers Main Stage
Rick James Main Stage
Arrested Development Main Stage
Bag Raiders Favela Funk
Brad Baloo Favela Funk
Mr Bongo Soundsystem Favela Funk
The Uplifter Favela Funk
Artist Stage Day
Arrested Development Main Stage Day 1
Bag Raiders Favela Funk Day 1
Ben Howard Main Stage Day 1
Brad Baloo Favela Funk Day 1
Josh Flowers Main Stage Day 1
Mat McHugh Main Stage Day 1
Mr Bongo Soundsystem Favela Funk Day 1
Rick James Main Stage Day 1
Seasick Steve Main Stage Day 1
The Uplifter Favela Funk Day 1

Val De La Mare Reservoir, Jersey