Southport Weekender Festival (London)

Southport Weekender Festival (London) Header

31 August 2019

Crystal Palace Park, SE191UE

Dance House Drum & Bass Electronic Techno Family Friendly Disabled Access

Following on from 2017's event being a rousing success, the Southport Weekender Festival returns to Finsbury Park in London for a weekend of fun and electronic music of all kinds from disco to garage, R&B, soul and house.

The event, as ever is curated by collective of music lovers who have a legacy in the business of over 30 years. In what is known as the friendliest party in the world, the 2018 version will take place in 9 different arenas covering the fullest history of music, particularly dance music. It brings together artists, DJs and other performers from all forms of dance and electronic music.


Naughty By Nature
Ten City (30th Anniversary Concert)
Danny Tengalia
David Morales
Kenny Dope
Special Guests
SJ Spen
Danny Krivit
Nick Siano's Hallelujah Disco Show
Delano Smith
Frankie Feliciano
Art of Tones
David Harness
Omar Live PA
Matt Jam Lamont
Norris Da Boss
Dawn Tallman Live PA
Mr Thing
Red Greg
Phil Asher

There are no camping options at this event. 

Ten City Powerhouse
Danny Tenaglia Powerhouse
David Morales Powerhouse
Kenny Dope Powerhouse
Kristen Knight Powerhouse
David Bailey Powerhouse
Dawn Tallman (Live Pa) VIP
Spen VIP
Frankie Feliciano VIP
David Harness VIP
Rocco VIP
Neil Pearce VIP
Sol Brown VIP
The Journeymen VIP
Omar (live PA) Mi-Soul Arena
Brandon Block Mi-Soul Arena
Ricky Morrison Mi-Soul Arena
Jumping Jack Frost Mi-Soul Arena
DJ Fen & MC DT Mi-Soul Arena
Matt White Mi-Soul Arena
Mike Vitti Mi-Soul Arena
Martin Lodge Mi-Soul Arena
Treble Tee Mi-Soul Arena
Booker T. & the MG's Mi-Soul Arena
Gordon Mac Mi-Soul Arena
Mickey D Mi-Soul Arena
Jigs Mi-Soul Arena
femi fem Mi-Soul Arena
Terry Jones Mi-Soul Arena
Peter Borg Mi-Soul Arena
Sy Sez Mi-Soul Arena
Craig Williams Mi-Soul Arena
Shaq D Mi-Soul Arena
Brian Power Mi-Soul Arena
ALEX POET Mi-Soul Arena
Naughty By Nature Funkbase
Matt Jam Lamont Funkbase
Spoony Funkbase
Shortee Blitz Funkbase
Norris Da Boss Windross Funkbase
Mr Thing Funkbase
Ronnie Herel Funkbase
Bigger Funkbase
Ryan Peake Funkbase
Delano Smith Dome
Karizma Dome
Atjazz Dome
Souldynamic Dome
Art Of Tones Dome
Phil Asher Dome
Lil Stevie Dome
Shalamar Disco Arena
Danny Krivit Disco Arena
Nicky Siano's Hallelujah Disco Show Disco Arena
Rahaan Disco Arena
Red Greg Disco Arena
Natasha Kitty Katt Disco Arena
James Morgan Disco Arena
Danny Langan VVIP
Groovement Soul VVIP
Mikey Duncan VVIP
Keith Hunter VVIP
Sabina Flores VVIP
Mike Hunt VVIP
Gerry Murphy VVIP
Artist Stage Day
ALEX POET Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Art Of Tones Dome Sat 31st
Atjazz Dome Sat 31st
Bigger Funkbase Sat 31st
Booker T. & the MG's Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Brandon Block Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Brian Power Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Craig Williams Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Danny Krivit Disco Arena Sat 31st
Danny Langan VVIP Sat 31st
Danny Tenaglia Powerhouse Sat 31st
David Bailey Powerhouse Sat 31st
David Harness VIP Sat 31st
David Morales Powerhouse Sat 31st
Dawn Tallman (Live Pa) VIP Sat 31st
Delano Smith Dome Sat 31st
DJ Fen & MC DT Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
femi fem Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Frankie Feliciano VIP Sat 31st
Gerry Murphy VVIP Sat 31st
Gordon Mac Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Groovement Soul VVIP Sat 31st
James Morgan Disco Arena Sat 31st
Jigs Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Jumping Jack Frost Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Karizma Dome Sat 31st
Keith Hunter VVIP Sat 31st
Kenny Dope Powerhouse Sat 31st
Kristen Knight Powerhouse Sat 31st
Lady C VVIP Sat 31st
Lil Stevie Dome Sat 31st
Martin Lodge Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Matt Jam Lamont Funkbase Sat 31st
Matt White Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Mickey D Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Mike Hunt VVIP Sat 31st
Mike Vitti Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Mikey Duncan VVIP Sat 31st
Mr Thing Funkbase Sat 31st
Natasha Kitty Katt Disco Arena Sat 31st
Naughty By Nature Funkbase Sat 31st
Neil Pearce VIP Sat 31st
Nicky Siano's Hallelujah Disco Show Disco Arena Sat 31st
Norris Da Boss Windross Funkbase Sat 31st
Omar (live PA) Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Peter Borg Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Phil Asher Dome Sat 31st
Rahaan Disco Arena Sat 31st
Red Greg Disco Arena Sat 31st
Ricky Morrison Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Rocco VIP Sat 31st
Ronnie Herel Funkbase Sat 31st
Ryan Peake Funkbase Sat 31st
Sabina Flores VVIP Sat 31st
Shalamar Disco Arena Sat 31st
Shaq D Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Shortee Blitz Funkbase Sat 31st
Sol Brown VIP Sat 31st
Souldynamic Dome Sat 31st
Spen VIP Sat 31st
Spoony Funkbase Sat 31st
Sy Sez Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Ten City Powerhouse Sat 31st
Terry Jones Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
The Journeymen VIP Sat 31st
Treble Tee Mi-Soul Arena Sat 31st
Name Distance Prices From
Euro Queens Hotel 0.4 ml £27.20 Book
Travelodge London Crystal Palace 1.1 ml £41.00 Book
The Crystal Lodge Hotel 1.3 ml £32.00 Book
Flexistay Norbury ApartHotel 1.8 ml £39.06 Book
Tulsi ApartHotel 1.8 ml £41.85 Book
Cedarshouse Hotel 1.8 ml £35.00 Book
easyHotel Croydon 2.3 ml £29.99 Book
The Tulse Hill Hotel 2.4 ml £70.00 Book
Jurys Inn London Croydon 2.5 ml £65.01 Book
Travelodge London Croydon Central 2.5 ml £43.00 Book
Innkeeper s Lodge Beckenham 2.7 ml £65.00 Book
The Furzedown 2.9 ml £50.00 Book
Flexistay South Park ApartHotel 3.1 ml £41.85 Book
Kirkdale Hotel 3.1 ml £40.00 Book
The Bromley Court Hotel 3.7 ml £40.50 Book

Crystal Palace Park, SE191UE