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The NYHC band Madball originated back in the late 1980s, as a side project of legendary NYHC outfit Agnostic Front (Where none other than AF's frontman Roger Miret would let his little brother Freddy ...

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There is more than one band or artist named Madcap.1. Madcap (UK) – Drum&Bass, Jungle DJ / Producer / RemixerMadcap (Elliot Payne) started DJing in the early 90's. Son of a Rock N' Roll Musician Fath...



Maddie & Tae

BioMaddie Marlow and Taylor Dye never intended to hit a nerve when they sat down on St. Patricks Day and wrote “Girl In A Country Song.” Merely expressing their own reaction to the reductive tilt of t...

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Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones is a young singer-songwriter and guitarist from South Wales. On the 10th of November 2014, she releases her debut album, Vita Brevis.Vita Brevis was recorded in Cardiff in collaboration w...


Maddison was a band from Baltimore, MD that did a bunch of local shows, and recorded some demos and an E.P. They had Kyle Haberle singing, Matt Updegraff and Ronny Vitek playing guitars, John Michalow...


There are at least two bands/artists called Maddog:1. a two-piece rock 'n' roll band from Illinois, United StatesBandcamp:

Maddog Mcrea

MAD DOG MCREA are a professional touring band who have been working their magic around the globe since 1995, with their unique blend of raw energy and kaleidoscope acoustic orchestration they have soa...

Maddy Carty

Maddy Carty is a singer-songwriter based out of London, England. Influenced by modern pop and ska music, she has released the EP 'More Than Just Lyrics'. She continues to tour with her new band.

Maddy Prior

Maddy Prior (born 14 August 1947, Blackpool, England) is an English folk singer. One of the most accomplished female vocalists in the British folk music scene, Maddy Prior is best known as the lead si...

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