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Members of Chrome Hoof and Bo Ningen's new psychedelic side project: Ken (synth, percussion,tunisian sax), Yuki (guitar), Monty Chandler (Drum)


Xcelerator is a sleaze/glam metal band from Warrington, UK.The band members include:Mark "The Warrior" Kelly - VocalsDanni Steele - GuitarXcelemike - GuitarBean Simmons - BassAlex Reilly - DrumsThey a...


Kosta Athanassiadis


1) Xeno is a female Korean artist. Her styles include dance, hip hop and pop. 2) XENO: a Hip Hop formation from Zaandam (Netherlands) formed in 2006. The group consist of Guillz, Business and MaestRo ...

Female vocalists Hardcore Metalcore


There are a few groups that go by the name Xenos:1. Xenos are a folk ensemble from Melbourne, Australia that have been playing for over a decade, nationally and internationally.2. The band Xenos forme...


There are atleast 3 artists with this name;(1) Formed in 1985 in Preston, Lancashire, British thrashers Xentrix (pronounced Zen-tricks) began their careers by playing metal covers before focusing all ...

Metal British Thrash metal Speed metal


Xerath is a modern cutting-edge orchestral metal band – combining crushing metal riffs and grooves with cinematic symphonic arrangements.2011 will see the release of Xerath’s second album ‘II’ – A hug...

Progressive metal Symphonic metal


Xero is the name of more than one artist; 1: an Australian post-punk band of the early '80s, 2: a alternative hip-hop/rap-rock band from the late '90s [Now known as Linkin Park] and 3: a NWOBHM band.1...


XEROSUN are a four piece metal band originating from Dublin, Ireland. The band members are guitarists Fiachra Kelly & Gareth Jeffs, drummer Darrin Bell and bassist & vocalist Ivan O’Sullivan. Combinin...

Rock Metal Seen live Heavy metal Irish


Xerxes is a name of at least three acts:1) A hardcore punk/screamo band from Louisville, Kentucky.2) A pseudonym of Norwegian producer Klaus Lunde.3) A prog metal band from Switzerland.1) A hardcore p...

Electronic Ambient Hardcore Chillout Screamo