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LA artist Wallice looks set to take the music scene by storm with her uniquely candid indie pop sound. Sounding revitalised and as fresh as anything that we have heard in the last few months, Wallice ...

Wallis Bird

Wallis is an Irish born singer who had an evident first love for music from the age of 2 when she got her first guitar! She has been involved in diverse projects, musically and otherwise since the age...

Folk Acoustic Female vocalists Singer-songwriter Irish


Blackened sludge/doom metal/noise from Brighton, England, UKBandcamp


Wallows are an indie rock band from Southern California. Members are Braeden Lemasters (guitar and vocals), Cole Preston (drums), and Dylan Minnette (guitar and vocals). In April 2017, they released ...


Walls is an electronic duo from United Kingdom, made up of members Sam Willis (of ALLEZ-ALLEZ) and Alessio Natalizia (of BANJO OR FREAKOUT).They have released "Walls" (2010) and "Coracle" through Komp...

Electronic Ambient Hardcore Drone


There are five bands that go by the name Walrus. One is a cool psychedelic-rock band from Halifax,one an Indie band from Australia, one a Chicago rock band, and a Korean indie-rock band. The others, a...


Walsh is Brandon Biondo in 1983.http://www.draculahorse.com

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin is a modern songwriter, just like the Modern Rock Song by Belle & Sebastian. He uses samplers and synths on his songs, along with a cheap acoustic guitar and a cheap sounding voice. Wa...

Alternative Indie

Walter Ego

1] Walter Ego was a name used by Simon Posford, better known as Hallucinogen and Shpongle, from 1998-2000 for his two tracks on Eclipse: A Journey of Permanence and Impermanence: Dubstuff and Purple ...

Electronica Ambient Psychedelic Dub