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There are several artists called Napalm:(1) Thrash metal trio from New York. (2) Napalm records hardcore techno/speedcore artists (3) A punk band from Hamburg, active in the early 80s.(4) A French bla...

Punk Hardcore Black metal Thrash metal Thrash

Napalm Death

Napalm Death is a grindcore/death metal band from Birmingham, England. The band was formed in the village of Meriden near Birmingham, England in 1981 by Nicholas Bullen and Miles Ratledge.Although oth...

Metal Death metal Grindcore Brutal death metal


There are at least five artist which use this name:1. Napoleon is a melodic hardcore band from Exeter, England. Since forming in 2011, they started to gain recognition in the british hardcore scene wi...

Melodic Hardcore Hardcore British Metalcore Progressive

Napoleon IIIrd

Napoleon IIIrd is a musician, producer and remixer, currently based in London after spending his formative years in Leeds and Holmfirth. His music is a rich tangle of sounds and melodies made from ant...

Indie Electronic Singer-songwriter


NAPT’s stylish and imaginative records straddle cutting edge house, futuristic bass and disco music. Characterised by emotive melodies, punchy drums and a tasteful dose of lo-end, NAPT's unique sound ...

Dance Electronic Breakbeat


Living in the remote Oterama Village on Malaita, Narasirato are farmers and fishermen who keep their musical culture, dating back 75 generations, alive. Oterama was founded in the 1980’s and prior to ...

Narasirato Pan Pipers

Ambient Chillout Instrumental Easy listening


There are two bands called Narcissus.1. Narcissus was an influential American hardcore band formed by John LaRussa and John Pope in 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio. Not counting John LaRussa and John Pope, wh...


NARCS are an alternative rock band from Leeds, England. Their music veers from driven riffs and confrontational sneers to melodic lullabies, always served with a sense of story. Steve Lamacq has playe...

Narrow Plains

An acoustic guitar-based three piece band from London, UK. Chilled out ballads mixed with folky rock.