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Faith No More

Faith No More is an alternative metal group that formed in San Francisco, California, USA in 1979. Their music combines elements of various different genres, including heavy metal, funk, hardcore punk...

Rock Metal Alternative Alternative rock

Faith SFX

The art of beatboxing is considered by many to be an extraordinary skill, if that is the case then Faith SFX is a beatboxing extraordinaire. At the age of 17 Faith SFX has undergone an unbelievable em...



A must listen to band with energy driven Rap vocals and a strong Female vocalist complimenting a modern Rap, Rock with overtones of ska that will really grab your attention and make you want to dance!...


Formed in 1995 by Sister Bliss, Faithless was a London, England, United Kingdom-based group of musicians whose music is described by one of their band members as a cross between trip-hop and techno. ...

Dance House Electronica Electronic Trip-hop

Faiz Ali Faiz

Faiz Ali Faiz (born 1962 in Sharaqpur, Pakistan) is one of the main singers of Qawwali, a devotional musical expression of the Sufis, a mystical offshoot of Islam. Faiz Ali Faiz comes from a family of...

World World music

Fake Blood

There are four different artists under the name Fake Blood.1)Fake Blood is an alias used by DJ Touché, also half of The Black Ghosts (which Touché has remixed under the Fake Blood alias). His original...

Dance House Electronic Electro

Fake Club

Fake Club is a pop / rock band formed in London, UK.Fake Club is an all girl band, whose members are Aicha, Carmen, Chloe, Rosie & Vicky.Facebook

Rock Pop Indie

Fake Empire

Fake Empire is an indie-rock band that formed at the University of New Hampshire in 2007. The band's initial lineup consisted of Anthony Terlizzi (guitar/vocals) and Brian Leahy (guitar), and Emily R...

Fake Problems

Evolution is a naturally occurring force in life, however there’s nothing predictable about Fake Problems sonic journey from underground heroes to indie rock trailblazers. Since forming in Naples, Flo...

Folk Indie Punk Alt-country