LOST Header

Lost festival is a 24 hour art festival where ticket holders are whisked away to a secret woodland location after boarding coaches in London.

The coaches windows are blacked out, mobiles are not allowed and the locatio will ultimately be kept a secret. On arrival you can drop your bags, change into your overalls and get ready to create a piece of live art.

The woods are then transformed into an outdoor gallery by the team of artists, musicians and architects, so expect sculptures, exhibitions, installations and giant paintings among the trees and wildlife. A giant three-dimensional canvas will be created for participants to explore, adapt and enjoy.

The festival allows anyone to become an artist. But in addition to the artwork there will be bars, delicious food stalls, chill out areas, tree houses, cinema tipis and independent camping areas.

Rob Da Bank Main Stage
B.A.R.E Main Stage
Tuckshop DJs Main Stage
Feelings Residents Main Stage
Afrobuddah Main Stage
Two Inch Punch Main Stage
London Disco Society Discofunk Stage
Siente Discofunk Stage
Dirty Laundry Discofunk Stage
Optimus Funk Discofunk Stage
Max Gersh Discofunk Stage
Funkwise Discofunk Stage
Amaroun Greenstone Stage
Francobollo Greenstone Stage
Folly Greenstone Stage
Carrot Slide Greenstone Stage
Genevieve Dawson Greenstone Stage
Emil Brynge Greenstone Stage
Maybug Greenstone Stage
MOHIT Greenstone Stage
Artist Stage Day
Afrobuddah Main Stage Sat 20th
Amaroun Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
B.A.R.E Main Stage Sat 20th
Carrot Slide Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
Dirty Laundry Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Emil Brynge Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
Feelings Residents Main Stage Sat 20th
Folly Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
Francobollo Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
Funkwise Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Genevieve Dawson Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
London Disco Society Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Max Gersh Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Maybug Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
MOHIT Greenstone Stage Sat 20th
Optimus Funk Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Rob Da Bank Main Stage Sat 20th
Siente Discofunk Stage Sat 20th
Tuckshop DJs Main Stage Sat 20th
Two Inch Punch Main Stage Sat 20th

Secret Location, Deal, Kent