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Alston Moor Festival is a one day music event set in Tyne Willows Field right in the heart of Alston. The event happens between noon and dusk and will feature music across two stages alongside various food and drinks stalls.

Building on last years success, 2015 see's the festival have more space and more acts.

This year you can catch Baghdaddies, John Otway, Pikey Beatz, Lounge Lizards and more on Stage 1. And Ambigyoumoose, Loop Cycle, Twig & T.Pot, Karen Knight and more on Stage 2.
John Otway Main Stage
The Baghdaddies Main Stage
Pikey Beatz Main Stage
The Lounge Lizards Main Stage
Die No More Main Stage
Sean Taylor Main Stage
Jack Hammer Main Stage
Ambigyoumoose Second Stage
Jessie Reed Second Stage
Twig Second Stage
T.Pot Second Stage
Patrick Vercambre Second Stage
Fred Sheriff Second Stage
Tom McMillian Second Stage
Robin Moody Second Stage
Bubble'ead Second Stage
The Players Second Stage
Artist Stage Day
Ambigyoumoose Second Stage Sat 25th
Bubble'ead Second Stage Sat 25th
Die No More Main Stage Sat 25th
Fred Sheriff Second Stage Sat 25th
Jack Hammer Main Stage Sat 25th
Jessie Reed Second Stage Sat 25th
John Otway Main Stage Sat 25th
Patrick Vercambre Second Stage Sat 25th
Pikey Beatz Main Stage Sat 25th
Robin Moody Second Stage Sat 25th
Sean Taylor Main Stage Sat 25th
T.Pot Second Stage Sat 25th
The Baghdaddies Main Stage Sat 25th
The Lounge Lizards Main Stage Sat 25th
The Players Second Stage Sat 25th
Tom McMillian Second Stage Sat 25th
Twig Second Stage Sat 25th
Name Distance Prices From
Lovelady Shield Country House Hotel 1.4 ml £130.00 Book
Nent Hall Country House 1.4 ml £55.00 Book
Angel Inn 1.5 ml £59.00 Book
Harbut Law 2.2 ml £70.00 Book

Tyne Willows, Alston, Cumbria, CA93HZ