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There are several artists named Nail.#1: Nail is a Canadian progressive heavy rock/metal band. After spending several years performing with Canadian multi-platinum recording artists Helix, Nail was fo...

Electronica Metalcore

Nailed To Obscurity

Nailed to Obscurity is a death doom metal band from Esens, Lower Saxony, Germany.


There are three bands that use the name Nails. None of which are to be confused with the two artists that use the name The Nails:1. A grindcore band from California2. A hardcore band from Texas3. A ha...

Hardcore Grindcore Hardcore Punk

Naive New Beaters

Ladies, fat boys and tennis players get ready ! Here come the incredible Naive New Beaters, best beat in town. Take an American wannabe singer, a 90's rock'n'roll fan and a French programmer. Leave th...

Electronic Electro French

Najma Akhtar

Najma Akhtar (born 18 September 1962, Chelmsford, Essex), also known as Najma, is an English pop singer of South Asian ancestry.Her distinctive style ranges from fusions of jazz and Indian ghazal, doi...

World Chillout


Naked are an Edinburgh-based group consisting of Agnes Gryczkowska, Alex Johnston and Grant Campbell, who mix cold, neon-lit beats, glacial bass and guitar sculptures, filtered under hypnotizing and e...

Rock Indie Punk Finnish Glam rock

Naked Aggression

Naked Aggression is an American hardcore punk band started in Madison, WI in late 1990. Formed as a protest against the first Gulf War and the right-wing, the band espouse a strong message of libertar...

Seen live Punk Hardcore Hardcore Punk

Naked Fridays

We are an alternative rock band from the Isle Of Wight, We try very hard to be individual, and different form any other artists, but at the same time we want everyone to be able to enjoy and be able t...