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Grab our music and/or merch here: like us on Facebook are going strong since their founding in 2008. Always pushing a German...

Kamasi Washington

Life began for Kamasi Washington on February 18, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. In the Washington family music was more of a prerequisite than a privilege. But Kamasi never saw it that way, his love...

Jazz Fusion


Kambrium is a German Metal Band from the city of Helmstedt.Its members are:Marc Brunke - barrels of painJan Hein - SynthJulian Schenke - instrument of string stretchingMartin Simon - subwooferstrings ...

Metal Death metal Melodic death metal


While the Kamelot from Tampa is the most prominent band of this name, there are more bands using it in the world:1) Kamelot is a power metal band from Tampa, Florida that incorporates progressive and ...

Metal Progressive metal Power metal Symphonic metal Melodic metal


Kamera is a popband from Stockholm, Sweden.

Pop Indie Electronic Swedish Synthpop

Kamilla Lovett

Kamilla Lovett is a singer, pianist and songwriter. Writing about jumpstarting robot hearts, road trips and unauthorized grinding in night clubs, and having spent the year playing and joyously cart wh...

Kaminari Taiko

Houston-based taiko group founded in 1996 by Jay Mochizuki.


Kamp! has been around for a while having grown a massive domestic popularity in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks to their smooth synth pop, that brings the new-wave feel to the re...

Indie Electronic Electro Polish Electropop