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100 Onces

'100 Onces' was a Los Angeles Math Rock band.Barrett Tuttobene - GuitarRichard Ray - Drums

Metal Instrumental Progressive

100% Rabbit

100% Rabbit is an alternative pop Polish band based in Poznań. The four members are: Małgola Gulczyńska (vocals, synths), Adam Sowiński (guitar), Patryk Grymuza (drums) and Bartłomiej Dziamski (bass)....

100th Monkey

Music by Jimmy Vasquez.


10cc are an English art rock and pop band. Initially comprised of four musicians - Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme - who had written and recorded together for some three year...

Rock Pop Classic rock British 70s


11 Paranoias is a band founded by Bong’s Mike Vest (, guitars / effects) and Ramesses' members Adam Richardson (bass / vocals) and drummer Mark Greening (now replaced by Nathan Perrier of Capricorns),...

Doom metal Sludge

12 Dirty Bullets

12 Dirty Bullets are a young band from west London who are currently taking the London bar & club scene by storm. Their songs reflect what's going on in their lives, delivered with passion and power.

Rock Indie Rock Indie Britpop

12 Stone Toddler

12 Stone Toddler rock.But remember when rock was anti-fashion, didn’t stay in neat little categories, represented deviation from the norm?Remember when rock plundered other genresand threw the bits in...

12 Truths

12 Truths.Formed: October 2009.Band Members:Mark Stratton - Guitar/Lead Vocals.Eddie Marco - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.Danny Traynor - Drums.Influences - Music,Life itself, love,emotions.Sounds like:...


1200 Micrograms

1200 Micrograms (sometimes credited as 1200 Mics) are a psychedelic trance act formed in Ibiza in 1999-. The members are Riktam and Bansi who are the duo also comprising G.M.S., and Raja Ram and Chica...


Several bands/artists go by the name of 13:1. a sludge/doom metal band from New York, NY, United States.2. a grunge band from Pilsen, Czech Republic.3. an indie blues/rock & roll band from Amsterdam, ...