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West Fest is an annual festival held in West Malvern, Worcestershire on the first Saturday in July (see here for prices, and here for a map). Celebrating local musicians and artists in three performing spaces, as well as showcasing local arts, crafts and services, alongside a range of family activities, for over a decade West fest has been raising funds for local charities and organisations. As a community-led event, West Fest is dependent on the generosity of volunteers in West Malvern, who give of their time to run a wonderful day out and to help others in the community.

  • Temple Lake
  • Hennesea
  • Bourbon Alley
  • Trever Steger
Temple Lake Field Stage
Hennesea Field Stage
Gordon Giltrap Field Stage
Luca Field Stage
Flood for the Famine Field Stage
Bourbon Alley Tent Stage
Trever Steger Tent Stage
Answer Back Tent Stage
Demi Mcmahon Tent Stage
Ray Mytton Band Tent Stage
Los Compos Tent Stage
YaYa Logic Tent Stage
Artist Stage Day
Answer Back Tent Stage Sat 7th
Bourbon Alley Tent Stage Sat 7th
Demi Mcmahon Tent Stage Sat 7th
Flood for the Famine Field Stage Sat 7th
Gordon Giltrap Field Stage Sat 7th
Hennesea Field Stage Sat 7th
Los Compos Tent Stage Sat 7th
Luca Field Stage Sat 7th
Ray Mytton Band Tent Stage Sat 7th
Temple Lake Field Stage Sat 7th
Trever Steger Tent Stage Sat 7th
YaYa Logic Tent Stage Sat 7th
Name Distance Prices From
Treherne House & The Malvern Retreat 0.5 ml £95.00 Book
The Great Malvern Hotel 0.7 ml £55.00 Book
The Abbey (Sarova Hotels) 0.8 ml £76.00 Book
The Cotford Hotel 0.8 ml £75.00 Book
Montrose House Hotel 0.8 ml £50.00 Book
The Foley Arms Hotel a JD Wetherspoon Hotel 0.9 ml £39.00 Book
The Pembridge 0.9 ml £53.00 Book
The Malvern Spa Hotel 1.4 ml £59.00 Book
Cottage in the Wood Hotel 2.2 ml £79.00 Book
Colwall Park - Hotel Bar & Restaurant 2.9 ml £65.00 Book
Halfway House Inn 3.4 ml £69.00 Book
Woodland View Bed & Breakfast 3.4 ml £80.00 Book
Henwick House 3.5 ml £39.00 Book
The Malvern Hills Hotel 3.7 ml £85.00 Book
Bank House Hotel 4.3 ml £85.00 Book

West Malvern Playing Field, West Malvern, WR144BY