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24 June - 26 June 2022

Unusual art, music & performance in stunning locations  – unorthodox entertainment for adventurous people!

After an enforced 2 year break following the unfortunate cancellation of our planned 2020 event, we’re very happy to say that on 24th – 26th June 2022, Unorthodox Paradox will once again be taking itself to a brand new site – Caerau, Llanfairynghornwy, Anglesey. Coming quite early in the season this will be an ideal opportunity for you to kick off your summer early!

Caerau is located in a remote location near the north coast of Anglesey, an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is a truly idyllic location, surrounded on all sides by nature’s glory and areas of historical interest – absolutely perfect to host a weekend of paradoxical surprises.

As always, Unorthodox Paradox will bring you a weekend of diverse and eclectic art, music and performance, from the calming & pastoral to the wildly psychedelic, from in-your-face noise to out there electronica – all of which will be paradoxically enhanced by the gorgeous surroundings.

Resolutely non-corporate, there will be no stalls selling silly hats, no over-priced fast food, no sponsorship from Radio 1, and definitely no cashpoints on site. Our sole interest here at Paradox HQ remains to provide you with a hand-picked selection of unusual and wonderful music in a wonderful location.

The main reason we started Unorthodox Paradox was to give everyone a rare opportunity to REALLY get together with their friends, so take a step into the unknown and give yourself the opportunity to take a holiday with them in the perfect environment…we believe that Unorthodox Paradox 2022 will offer you a unique and magickal experience. Leave the huge and expensive commercial festivals to those that enjoy being herded like cattle, and instead soak up the vibe of a smaller and much more intimate experience in idyllic surroundings.

Instead of seeing the same old bands, invariably booked for economic reasons by people who are more concerned with business than music, come and experience some mindblowing new artists you may never have heard of before…but who you will most definitely remember!

Final lineup (in alphabetic non-hierarchical order!)

- Bending Shapes - Cursor Miner - Dactyl Terra - Deliquescent Crystals - ExP - Craig Fortnam - HAQ123 - Chloe Herrington - Bethany Kay - Jet Pack Dog - Emily Jones - Kendo Nagasaki - Llyn Y Cwn - The Lovely Eggs - Paul Morricone - Magick Temple - Misty’s Big Adventure - Modern Nature - Monkey Poet - My Octopus Mind - Mr Vast - The Nature Centre - Open Mic - The Owl Oscillation - Pram - Paddy Steer - Thick Richard - The Unlikely Board Game Fiasco - Van Gogh Find Yourself -Yama Warashi - Gary Williams - Lachlan Werner: Voices of evil - Annie Woe -

To purchase tickets, please send an email to info@unorthodoxparadox.co.uk or text us on 07821 722231 stating how many you require and we’ll get back to you straight away with a secure link for you to pay by credit or debit card using Zettle (no account needed).

If you would rather use PayPal, you can also email us on the address above or text us on 07821 722231 and we will let you know how to pay.

Please note using either of these methods a booking fee of 5% will apply to cover fees & postage costs – if you book this way, you’ll get a ‘proper’ ticket in the post.

Advance ticket prices are as follows:

Limited early bird tickets (full weekend) – £60 SOLD OUT

Standard full weekend, 1st tier (Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday till end) – £80 (available until end of February) FINISHED

Standard full weekend, 2nd tier (Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday till end) – £90 (available until end of April) FINISHED

Standard full weekend, final tier (Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday till end) – £100

Unorthodox Paradox prides itself on finding beautiful and unusual locations that will both complement and enhance whatever is going on…and we think we’ve come up trumps again! Caerau is located in a remote location to the north of Anglesey, an area of outstanding natural beauty, only 10 minutes walk from the stunning Welsh coastline – and a fantastic beach with clear blue sea. In fact there are numerous secluded coves and bays within comfortable walking distance. It is a truly idyllic location, surrounded on all sides by nature’s glory and areas of deep historical interest – absolutely perfect to host a weekend of paradoxical surprises.

Anglesey is an area steeped in a rich and unusual history, having one of the largest concentrations of ancient sacred sites per square mile of any other part of Britain. Most notable are numerous links with the druids – in the wise words of Spinal Tap:

“In ancient times,
Hundreds of years before the dawn of history
Lived a strange race of people, the Druids
No one knows who they were or what they were doing
But their legacy remains”

There is certainly much to discover and many beautiful places to explore, so bring your walking boots and your swimming trunks / costume / bikini…you are encouraged to venture off site during the day to investigate the area, before returning to enjoy the evening’s entertainment and merriment!

We are happy to say that all camping is included in your ticket price. Similarly, there is no charge for live-in vehicles or camper vans, and no charge for car parking. The price you see is what you pay.

Anglesey is served by a reasonable bus service, details here – https://www.traveline.cymru/
The nearest railway station to the site is Holyhead.

If you are travelling by car, there will be plenty of free car parking available at the venue. The address is:

Caerau, Llanfairyhornwy, Anglesey LL65 4LL

If you are coming in a large van or vehicle, please be advised that there are narrow lanes on the approach to the site, so please drive with due caution. Please contact us if you are planning on coming in a large van or with a caravan so we can make sure you will have no access issues.

There will be a cheap and well-stocked bar onsite, and wonderful reasonably priced vegan food served at breakfast & dinner times by Mother May I.

Of course you can also bring your own food and drink, but you are encouraged to put your money behind the bar, and to buy food from Mother May I, and in doing so support Unorthodox Paradox and enable us to continue to put on wonky little events for your good selves.

Unfortunately the site is not suitable for wheelchair users.


Q. Can I bring my dog / cat / goat?

A. YES. Well-behaved dogs (and owners) are welcome. It is of course your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that you clean up any mess and dispose of in a suitable place.

(PS You can’t bring your cat or goat, sorry)
(PPS Maybe you can if you ask nicely)

Q. Can I bring little Timmy / Polly?

A. YES. However, unfortunately due to the very limited capacity onsite according to the licence, we’re unable to offer discounted tickets for children, as by doing so we would potentially make the whole event financially unviable. So while we have shied away from describing it as an 18+ event, and children will be welcome, we have to charge full ticket price for them as every body on site (including children, of any age) counts towards our capacity.

Q. Can I have a campfire?

A. A most welcome change to usual, YES you can have a fire as long as it is kept off the ground – so please use a firepit or similar, there should be some available to use if you don’t have one (a deposit / nominal hire fee will be payable). There will also be a communal fire for you to warm yourselves around in the evening. Cheap firewood will be for sale if you don’t want to bring your own, so please DO NOT scavenge!

Q. Can I bring my camper van / mobile home?

A. YES. Camper vans / mobile homes / caravans are all welcome, but please be aware that access to the site is by some narrow lanes, which may get muddy. If you have any concerns about access for your vehicle, please contact us and we will advise.

Q. Is there a shop nearby?

A. NO. Nearest shops are a drive / long walk away, so we suggest you come well prepared so you don’t have to worry about such mundane things as shopping for the duration of your stay.

Q. Can I bring my own booze?

A. YES. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol…but there will be a bar on site, which will be selling a wide range of very reasonably priced fine local ales / ciders / lagers and everything else you would expect from a bar. We encourage you to put your money behind the bar, and in doing so support Unorthodox Paradox and enable us to continue to put on wonky little events for your good selves.

Q. Will there be food available?

A. YES. 'Mother May I' kitchen will be cooking up delicious vegan fare for you at very reasonable prices. However, if you really must have that bacon sandwich in the morning, please bring your own, as we’re afraid you’ll have to make it yourself!