The Unorthodox Paradox The Unorthodox Paradox

The Unorthodox Paradox

Unorthodox Paradox will bring you a weekend of diverse and eclectic art, music and performance, from the calming & pastoral to the wildly psychedelic, from in-your-face noise to out there electronica – all of which will be paradoxically enhanced by the gorgeous surroundings.

Resolutely non-corporate, there will be no stalls selling silly hats, no over-priced fast food, no sponsorship from Radio 1, and definitely no cashpoints on site. Our sole interest here at Paradox HQ remains to provide you with a hand-picked selection of unusual and wonderful music in a wonderful location.

The main reason we started Unorthodox Paradox was to give everyone a rare opportunity to REALLY get together with their friends, so take a step into the unknown and give yourself the opportunity to take a holiday with them in the perfect environment…we believe that Unorthodox Paradox 2022 will offer you a unique and magickal experience. Leave the huge and expensive commercial festivals to those that enjoy being herded like cattle, and instead soak up the vibe of a smaller and much more intimate experience in idyllic surroundings.

Instead of seeing the same old bands, invariably booked for economic reasons by people who are more concerned with business than music, come and experience some mindblowing new artists you may never have heard of before…but who you will most definitely remember!

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