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21 July - 22 July 2017

Sunk Island, HU120QR

Rock Alt\Indie Metal Camping

It is all we stand for. In a world of BIG festivals sponsored by BIG corporations held in BIG fields by BIG men in BIG suits everything has got a little….well, too big.

Here at Sunk Fest, we are proud to be different. We live, eat and breathe music and we like small. Small means we can remain truly independent and stay in control of all we do : a festival for musicians, made by musicians and music-a-holics. We seek out new, underground talent. The kind of music that gives you goosebumps. The kind of music that exists because of hours spent in a sweaty practice room, because of years of being sat in a bedroom learning to play a guitar, because of an undying passion to make music with integrity. in short: our bands make the music that DESERVES to be heard and loved, NOT music that a big man in a big corporation decided was worthy of success.

This is what Sunkfest is at it’s core: a platform for the best music you’ve never heard of to be celebrated and enjoyed by an appreciative, music-intelligent crowd who are just as excited to listen as the band are to play. Small also means we have a unique atmosphere. We parade as a festival, but in truth we are kind of like the most awesome summer camp you never went to as a kid. You know the one where no grown ups were allowed, and you camped in the middle of nowhere and listened to some wicked band you’d never heard of, but that quickly became one of your favourites because they were SO AWESOME and you stayed up late and made loads of friends and cried when you had to go home? Yup, that’s us.

There is no need to be nervous when you come to Sunkfest: if you don’t know anyone at the start you will certainly know EVERYONE at the finish.If you fall after one too many tequilas, at Sunk Fest someone will pick you up. If you have a problem or worry just tell one of the Sunk-crew and we will help solve it. All our staff, crew and management run Sunk Fest without pay: we do it for the love of music. ALL of Sunk Fest’s profits (if we make any!) go straight back into running the festival or to local charities.

We want everyone to have an amazing time, and are not afraid to go the extra mile to make it happen

Name Distance Prices From
Highfield Farm Accommodation 2.3 ml £50.00 Book
Paull Holme Farm Bed and Breakfast 3.3 ml £45.00 Book
Kingstown Hotel by Good Night Inns 3.9 ml £44.00 Book
Dunedin Country House 5.3 ml £65.00 Book
Stables Cottage 5.4 ml £40.00 Book
Hawthorn House 7.3 ml £20.00 Book
Lindum Villa 7.3 ml £30.00 Book
Black Bull Inn 7.4 ml £49.00 Book
Trinity Hotel 7.5 ml £40.00 Book
Wentworth House 7.6 ml £53.00 Book
West Carlton Country Guest House 7.8 ml £55.00 Book
Pelham Hotel 7.9 ml £35.00 Book
Ashbourne Hotel 8.0 ml £71.20 Book
Gilson Hotel 9.0 ml £27.00 Book
Travelodge Hull Central 9.0 ml £34.00 Book

Sunk Island, HU120QR