One Live One Live Festival

We are sorry to announce that One Live Festival has been cancelled.

One Live Festival Header

ONE LIVE is proud to announce the return of the only music concert for Medicine for its third year in 2017. Following the success of ONE LIVE 2016 which brought together an evening of 5,000 concert-goers, 6 of the UK’s finest music acts and celebrity surprises for one special reason, ONE LIVE promises to once again bring together the same calibre of talent seen in previous years. 

The festival supports Noel’s vision for a community of compassion where every person and every animal is our neighbour and we genuinely care about each other. Together regardless of our colour, sexuality, religion, nationality or species, we create a currency of love for a better world. 

The brand new 2017 line-up is set to help Professor Noel Fitzpatrick spread the word about one medicine, a concept he has dedicated his life to moving forward for animals and humans at the same time. ONE LIVE is at the beating heart of this mission.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with this year’s selection of street food stalls with something for all the family, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

An array of bars will be on hand at the festival to quench your thirst with some great ales, beers, ciders as well as soft drinks to sample and, complementing the Great British weather, a Pimms bar too.

Watch this space for this year's delicious line-up of street food vendors.

Stoke Park, Guildford