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Festability is a festival designed especially for people with disabilities. It was dreamed up by a small group of parents of disabled children and adults who decided, by their own admission, over a few glasses of wine to form the festival.

It is in many ways a lot like other music festivals, but there are some special additions to the usual fare...a chill zone with sensory sounds and lights, a changing places suite and plenty of fully qualified staff on hand to help people.


Smokin Mavericks
Funk Mutha

Name Distance Prices From
Crown Inn 3.3 ml £60.00 Book
The Crescent Victoria Hotel 4.0 ml £63.00 Book
Travelodge Margate Westwood 4.0 ml £199.00 Book
Smiths Court 4.5 ml £40.00 Book
The Malvern Guest House & Blues Grill 4.5 ml £35.00 Book
Royal Harbour Hotel 5.7 ml £30.00 Book
Comfort Inn Ramsgate 6.0 ml £50.00 Book
Botany Bay Hotel 6.0 ml £70.00 Book
South Lodge 6.0 ml £84.00 Book
Royal Albion Hotel 6.2 ml £59.50 Book
Bleak House 6.3 ml £135.00 Book
The Bell Hotel 6.8 ml £70.00 Book
The Lodge at Prince s Golf Club 6.8 ml £65.00 Book
The Old Butchers 7.8 ml £65.00 Book
The Evenhill 8.9 ml £50.00 Book

Quex Park, Park Lane, Birchington-on-Sea, CT70BH