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We were so excited this year as there were so many good acts on! We arrived right on time at 11! We queued in the media queue to get our passes and VIP wrist bands! Seeing everyone in shorts and different styles was so exciting. As we went in, we had a look around before asking someone where the VIP area was to find out the times of the acts. We quickly caught the last song from Rizzle kicks!

We met up with our mates that were there and made our way to stage 2 for Harry byrats (fugative) who was on at 1:40! The tent was alive with screaming girls as Fugative took off his top! He picked someone from the crowd to sing too, lucky her! At The end he chucked his hat to the crowd! We stayed in stage 2 as the crystal fighters were next! Everyone in the crowd were jumping and singing along! It was roasting in the tent! As it was a hot day, security where giving out cups of water for the crowd.

After we walked around for some fresh air, and got a free drink from the coke bus! As we walked around the rides and the different stalls, the atmosphere was happy and everyone was having a good time, the weather held out for the day. we made our way back to the stage 2 tent which took some time as we got confused which tent was what! We saw mile Kane who was amazing! And got everyone running to the tent! After miles Kane, we heard that the midnight beasts were going to be in the signing tent at 4:30! We made our way there to find the queue over 2 hours long. We queued for a while then security told us that we won't be able to get in time which was a disappointment. So we went to chill and sit in the shade in the VIP area to see Fugative there!  We couldn't believe it! So we got a picture with him, his autograph and a hug! He kissed us on the cheek which made my friends day, she started crying! We chilled on the sofa then made our way back to stage 2 to see Devlin for a bit at 4:50. We then met back up with our friends and told them about meeting Fugative, as expected they were jealous! 

The day was going good and we made time to get some chips and a Redbull to give us some energy.the day was flying by and before we knew it, it was time for the midnight beast! At 6:25, we had been waiting for this all day! They where amazing! Coming onto stage in the big baby grows and there dance moves! The tent was filled with people! The security had to take people out as they were getting squashed at the front. The midnight beasts topped all the other acts at underage this year! I would defiantly go see them live! As soon as they finished everyone ran to the VIP gate! As they knew the midnight beasts would go in there, us being VIPs we walked straight in! We saw Ashley Horne! From the midnight beasts! He went to see the girls who were behind the barriers! We got a picture with him and a hug! By that time it was half 7, so we made our way out and walked along with everyone to go home.

This was my second time at underage and this year was the best! I will definitely be going again and will never forget meeting Fugative and Ashley Horne and sitting on the same sofa as them! Thanks to UK Festival Guides for giving us the opportunity to witness this great festival! Thanks to the organisers of Underage for putting on such a great event. See you there next year.

Published on 07 August 2011 by ellielouise

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