The Grand Opening of Pulse Nightclub Reviewed

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The Grand Opening of Pulse Nightclub Reviewed

It was the Friday 18th March and that meant only one thing, Erick Morillo was headlining the grand opening of Pulse in South East London.

It was the Friday 18th March and that meant only one thing, Erick Morillo was headlining Voodoo Nights at the grand opening of Pulse in South East London. This was not to be missed.

After a beer in a local pub to get in the flow we headed down to Pulse for the grand opening. As we walked around the corner, there were probably 1000 loud and excitable people waiting to go in and go mental.

So in we went, and what a venue. There were two main arenas with bars just off the side. 30foot high arches with some superb graphics projected onto the walls and ceilings along with balloons and banners with Erick Morillo printed all over them. It was clear right from the off, this night was going to be off the scale. And it did not disappoint.

Straight into the main arena to find Carl Kennedy banging out some of the finest dance and electro you can hear today along with a fantastic array of visual effects and lasers. The only problem was, everybody was still trying to get in. so out we went for a quick fag, just off the main arena so you could still hear the class coming from inside.

After talking to a few people we found out that there was literally only one reason everybody was there, and that was to see Erick Morillo. You could feel the atmosphere building and knew at some point in the early hours of Saturday morning it was going to explode. But not before John Dahlback had his say on centre stage. Immense is all I can really say. The people that were outside had ventured inside, and who could blame them. It was almost like the night had gone up a gear or two. Everyone was going nuts and this wasn’t even the main event.

After John Dahlback’s seriously uplifting and upbeat couple of hours it was time for the main man to show everyone why they were there. It was Erick Morillo and his stunning dancers and five hours of pure electricity. I have never seen a room fill so rapidly to its maximum capacity. It was a squeeze to say the least but no one was going anywhere other than to the bar. It went absolutely crazy. People were jumping around all over the place, on each other’s shoulders and generally raving it up as hard as they possibly could.

What a way to end the night. Banging, uplifting house and electro played by one of the best and most respected DJ’s in the world of electronic dance music.

Will I be going to the next event?
100%. I’ll see you all there.

Published on 29 March 2011 by Paulski

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