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Sunniside Live Festival is taking place on 16th July 2016 at Sunniside Garden in the centre of Sunderland.

Visitors to the festival will be able to relax and enjoy a whole afternoon of fun and entertainment with music provided by a line-up of Shola Ama, Brand New Heavies, Smoove and Turrell, Alison Limerick, DJ Dejabrew and the winner of the local battle of the bands competition.

The Brand New Heavies unknown stage
Smoove & Turrell unknown stage
Shola Ama unknown stage
Alison Limerick unknown stage
Juggernaut Love unknown stage
Picnic unknown stage
DJ Dejabrew unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
Alison Limerick unknown stage Sat 16th
DJ Dejabrew unknown stage Sat 16th
Juggernaut Love unknown stage Sat 16th
Picnic unknown stage Sat 16th
Shola Ama unknown stage Sat 16th
Smoove & Turrell unknown stage Sat 16th
The Brand New Heavies unknown stage Sat 16th
Name Distance Prices From
Travelodge Sunderland High Street West 0.6 ml £34.00 Book
Travelodge Sunderland Central 0.9 ml £37.00 Book
The Queen Vic Hotel 1.5 ml £60.00 Book
The Beach View Lodge 1.7 ml £115.00 Book
Quality Hotel Boldon 5.2 ml £79.00 Book
The Sir William Fox Hotel 6.4 ml £40.00 Book
Coleridge Self Catering Holiday Flat 6.5 ml £150.00 Book
Travelodge Newcastle Whitemare Pool 6.6 ml £41.00 Book
Athol House 6.9 ml £30.00 Book
Highfield Hotel 6.9 ml £42.00 Book
Bede s Well Guest House 7.0 ml £45.00 Book
Chilton Country Pub & Hotel 7.0 ml £50.00 Book
Annie s Guest House 7.1 ml £30.00 Book
BEST WESTERN Sea Hotel 7.2 ml £72.50 Book
Seabreeze Guesthouse - SOUTH SHIELDS 7.3 ml £29.99 Book

Sunniside Garden, Sunderland, SR11BU