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Scotland Calling returns in 2018, a Scottish festival that celebrates all things punk rock, with many famous and big names from the past performing in the heart of Glasgow at the renowned o2 ABC.

This year's event features Buzzcocks, Cockney Rejects and Angelic Upstarts among others.



Cockney Rejects

Angelic Upstarts

UK Subs


Ruts DC


Dirt Box Disco


Fire Exit

In Evil Hour 

more TBC

O2 ABC, Glasgow

Angelic Upstarts unknown stage
Buzzcocks unknown stage
Cockney Rejects unknown stage
Control unknown stage
Dirt Box Disco unknown stage
Fire Exit unknown stage
GBH unknown stage
In Evil Hour unknown stage
Ruts DC unknown stage
Subhumans unknown stage
UK Subs unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
Angelic Upstarts unknown stage Sat 28th
Buzzcocks unknown stage Sat 28th
Cockney Rejects unknown stage Sat 28th
Control unknown stage Sat 28th
Dirt Box Disco unknown stage Sat 28th
Fire Exit unknown stage Sat 28th
GBH unknown stage Sat 28th
In Evil Hour unknown stage Sat 28th
Ruts DC unknown stage Sat 28th
Subhumans unknown stage Sat 28th
UK Subs unknown stage Sat 28th
Name Distance Prices From
The White House Apartments 1.4 ml £68.00 Book
Ambassador Hotel 1.4 ml £40.00 Book
Embassy Apartments 1.4 ml £41.00 Book
The Belhaven West End 1.5 ml £33.00 Book
Glasgow Pond Hotel 1.6 ml £45.60 Book
Clifton Hotel 1.6 ml £33.00 Book
Kelvin Hotel West End 1.6 ml £31.00 Book
Argyll Western Hotel 1.6 ml £40.00 Book
Albion Hotel 1.7 ml £40.00 Book
The Heritage Hotel 1.7 ml £30.00 Book
Amadeus Guest House 1.7 ml £41.80 Book
City Apartments 1.7 ml £41.00 Book
Glasgow House 1.7 ml £20.00 Book
Alba Hostel Glasgow 1.9 ml £15.00 Book
Dreamhouse Apartments Glasgow West End 2.2 ml £89.00 Book

O2 Abc Glasgow, 330 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G23JA