Chingfest Header

31 August 2019

Ridgeway Park, Old Church Road, Chingford

Urban Soul Funk Rnb Family Friendly Disabled Access Free

Chingfest is a completely free celebration of soul and R'n'B music. It sees the illustrious Ridgeway Park in the London area of Chingford transformed into Waltham Forest's family-focused music festival.

NAO and Incognito, along with DJ Luck and MC Neat are among the performers at this year's event.

Afrikan Simba
Drey Cheekz
DJ Luck & MC Neat
Luke November
Rose Gray
Lillie P
Niro Tha DJ
Reeps One
Lords of the Mics
Human Library
Miss Dionne
Jerome Harvey
Break Tha Cycle
Rory Sky
Amelia Poamz

As it's a one-day event, there are no camping options.

NAO Main Stage
Incognito Main Stage
afrikan simba Main Stage
Drey Cheekz Main Stage
L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Main Stage
DJ Luck & MC Neat Main Stage
Bonez Main Stage
Rose Gray Main Stage
Lords of the Mics DJ Done
Krassus unknown stage
Lillie P unknown stage
Niro Tha DJ unknown stage
Iamin unknown stage
Reeps One unknown stage
Human Library unknown stage
Krxze unknown stage
Luvly unknown stage
Miss Dionne unknown stage
Hayreezy unknown stage
Jerome Harvey unknown stage
Break Tha Cycle unknown stage
Kitch unknown stage
Rory Sky unknown stage
Amelia Poamz unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
afrikan simba Main Stage Sat 31st
Amelia Poamz unknown stage Sat 31st
Bonez Main Stage Sat 31st
Break Tha Cycle unknown stage Sat 31st
DJ Luck & MC Neat Main Stage Sat 31st
Drey Cheekz Main Stage Sat 31st
Hayreezy unknown stage Sat 31st
Human Library unknown stage Sat 31st
Iamin unknown stage Sat 31st
Incognito Main Stage Sat 31st
Jerome Harvey unknown stage Sat 31st
Kitch unknown stage Sat 31st
Krassus unknown stage Sat 31st
Krxze unknown stage Sat 31st
L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Main Stage Sat 31st
Lillie P unknown stage Sat 31st
Lords of the Mics DJ Done Sat 31st
Luvly unknown stage Sat 31st
Miss Dionne unknown stage Sat 31st
NAO Main Stage Sat 31st
Niro Tha DJ unknown stage Sat 31st
Reeps One unknown stage Sat 31st
Rory Sky unknown stage Sat 31st
Rose Gray Main Stage Sat 31st

Ridgeway Park, Old Church Road, Chingford