Beltane Fire Festival Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane Fire Festival

Beltane Fire Festival marks the change of the seasons by bringing ancient Celtic traditions to life with a modern twist. Through dazzling fiery displays, immersive storytelling, drumming, acrobatics, and elaborate costume hundreds of volunteers celebrate the first signs of Summer by re-imagining old folklore about the May Queen and the Green Man. When the drums start to thunder, the May Queen awakens and leads her followers on a spectacular procession, watched by an audience of thousands against the backdrop of Edinburgh's stunning skyline. The Green Man meanwhile must transform from his wintry guise so he can rejoin the May Queen as her consort and rule with her over the warmer months. For one special night, hundreds of otherworldly creatures will descend on Calton Hill to join this alternative May Day celebration, transforming Edinburgh’s city centre with a night of carnival and pageantry.

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