Beautiful Days 2012.

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Beautiful Days 2012

A Beautiful festival, on yet again, a not so beautiful weekend. After the rain over the past few weeks we went prepared with our wellies and raincoats. Expecting the worse, but knowing it has always been a great weekend, anticipating the best.

The crowds arrive from Wednesday onwards, setting up camp for this family filled fun weekend. By the time Friday came round I had already heard a few tales of people going home due to flooded tents. Walking through the puddle filled paths there is a lot to look at including a Ferris wheel and a helter skelter, which are new from last year. Beautiful Days is definitely one of the best festivals for the whole family. After having a wonder we headed over to the little big top, though due to an extensive range of equipment we could not get entry to photograph, and were told we probably wouldn’t be able to over the whole weekend, which was extremely deflating.

The multi generational crowd slowly gathered for Dreadzone at the main stage, and yet again they get it spot on, always a crowd pleaser. The sing-a-long sounds of Benjamin Francis Leftwhich set the mood in the big top. He seems such a humble young man with huge talent. His songs ‘Atlas hands’ and ‘Stole you away’ echo amongst the crowds. Inspiral carpets play the main stage, though are not to my taste and leave me feeling underwhelmed. Simon and Oscar from Ocean Colour scene were one for everyone to see, recognizing the name of their band. With Frank Turner headlining, spirits were high and this was one not to miss. His energy and charisma left me really looking forward to the next day’s acts.

3 daft monkeys put on a good show, with Athene Robert’s passion shining through. Billy brag played in memory of Woody Gurthrie, for what would have been his 100th birthday. As ever giving a great performance. The Black Seeds did not perform, as they were not able to make it from Dover in 4 hours like they thought they could. As the announcer said ‘Stupid!’ Bellowhead folked out and New model Army’s supporters were again out in force, with many people wearing their band shirt. Seth Lakeman headlined the big top. I had never seen him perform before, though had heard a lot of good comments. He wasn’t as I expected but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Public image limited were the main act of the night, with security high and the crowd ever growing they ended the night well.

Dub pistols were the first act that we caught on Sunday; the crowd was lively and clearly ready for today’s antics. Reel big fish stole the show, making this day one to remember. Playing some of their classics such as ‘beer’, ‘where have you been?’ and ‘Sell out’ they really hadn’t changed nor grown up since I saw them years ago. Spicing things up they perform a cover of ‘Brown eyed girl’ and also try out Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, not knowing the lyrics all the members growl, grunt and snarl uncontrollably. Obviously not yet satisfied with the crowd’s involvement we had to head bang, circle pit, disco and square dance. This act really was going to be hard to beat. Alabama 3 came with their own security, having never seen them I wondered what this was all about. Their religious lyrics made this clear. The Levellers conclude the night with a fantastic set as usual, with this festival literally going out with a bang. The atmosphere was electric and the rain held off. Yet again I look forward to returning next year.

Published on 12 September 2012 by SamanthaLetten

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