Beat Herder 2017 Ten Things That Made Us Smile

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Beatherder 2017

Beat-Herder is a non-stop field of friendship and excitement from the second you walk in to the gut wrenching moment you have to leave. It’s mostly made up of a plethora of Yorkshire and Lancashire folk who are herded along by beats from local, national and international performers. I’ve never met a group of people so willing to get down and boogie in a field of mud… cherishing every moment in a land where time almost stands still. The DJs were dropping bangers, the booze was reasonably pub priced and the grounds were filled with eccentric, wonderful people. Although there were tents set up, there was not much sleep to be had! Each section of the land had its own unique aspects which made journeying the festival feel like a never ending adventure, and no matter how many times you saw each section you always feel like you somehow missed parts. Swimming pool? Really? Definitely missed that.

The Parish Church

Been to church a few times but never experienced a sermon like this before - nuns going wild, reverends breaking it down, whilst a man in a thorn crown drums. Shoutout to Jesus. #GetHazyGetPraisey.

The Beat-Herder Stage

Beat-Herder’s main stage was electrifying: people shoulder to shoulder, people riding on shoulders, people just shouldering along dancing and loving the acts. You’re constantly making new friends at this festival just as Milky Chance would say “I want you by my side so I never feel alone again.” One thing is for sure – Kelis’ milkshakes definitely brought the boys to the yard.

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes

The variety of costumes worn at Beat-Herder is always spectacular: from simple face paints to full blown bonkers outfits, the costumes were ever changing and always outlandish. People express themselves in ways they didn’t even know they had lurking inside themselves. Totally bonkers!

Get Trippy with Da Hippies

People always thoroughly enjoy themselves in every way possible and are seen truly loving life at Beat-Herder. Whether it is dancing amongst thousands of people, sitting in a tent with new friends or kicking back with a coffee and a smoke at the Hookah bar, life is lived at Beat-herder, come rain, hail or shine.

The Expression of Self Through Art

Whether it is the performers expressing themselves through their music, the festival goers expressing themselves through their dancing, drinking and costumes, or the artists expressing themselves through graffiti, each aspect of Beat-Herder comes together to create one beautiful masterpiece.

SNAP, CRACKLE, POP (and I’m not talking cereal)

Guy Fawkes is that you? No treason was committed at Beat-Herder but there sure was a lot of fireworks and explosions! We should remember to remember the 14th -16th of July and make sure we go back to celebrate next year.

The Perfumed Garden

Even though most were sweaty and smelly you could always count on The Perfumed Garden for some sweet herbal fragrances and a funking fun get down! Good smells and good times.


You can get yourself a Beat-Herder tattoo for £20 and you’ll remember the amazing experience you had for the rest of your life. When you go back in years to come, you’ll be able to add to the collection....

The Fortress

House and techno music got The Fortress bumping and the heads banging. The reverberation of the sounds from corrugated metal makes you feel the music deep within you. The bass shakes you to your core and makes you want to dance.

Whether you are swimming in the pool, looking at the artwork, dancing on cars, participating in the colour fight, riding the rides, or much more, you can always find something to do and someone to join you. It is an experience of a lifetime

Words: Cory Moreland Images: Duke Studios

Published on 28 July 2017 by Cory Moreland

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