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Secret Garden Party

Do you have the A FACTOR? Secret Garden Party is embarking on new mission: establish a network of performers whose task is to pioneer and promote our new community in the Garden

Explore the world of Science Fiction and imagine a new garden out of the old.  Using the inspiration of Arthur C Clarke, Azimov, Philip K Dick and Douglas Adams we are going to grow our imaginations from childish roots up into something more. This year’s theme for the Secret Garden Party is ‘Gardener’s Guide to the Galaxy.’

Gardeners this year you need to choose your affiliation. Are you going to be a hobo, reptilian, liquid silver, the Authority, a Rebellion, a DNA Smasher or an alien?

The creative team are launching, in full force, a quest for the best performers to partake in the repopulation of the Garden this summer.

Auditions will be held in mid-May. For more dossier information and applications go to:

The deadline for applications is 01/05/16

Keep your eye on social media for mood boards.

Regression Sessions Space Safari

Since leaving their crèche course at the garden last year they've travelled through space and time, they've had a hippy trippy shakedown, and are about to crash land into an intergalactic safari through a space/time continuum. 

Regression Sessions to Mission Control… After a 4-year voyage seeking new life and civilisations, the Space Hopper has crash landed on unknown terrain, 3,000 light-years from our planet. The entire crew survived with no injury, but the craft is in disrepair, and supplies are low. However, we have made a remarkable discovery. 

On leaving the craft, it was apparent that we’ve landed in a world similar to our own. The air is the same. Our oxygen tanks serve no purpose. We have found running, drinkable water. Gravity takes no toll on our ability to move, run… dance.

Intergalactic Mermaid School

Due to popular demand the mermaid school is back from outer space to teach all you budding space maids. Bigger and better than before. Sign up in the info tent. Places will be on a first-come-first-served basis. If you don't turn up in time someone else will be able to take your space.

Survival Swamp

Do you think you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Let’s get physical, a course designed to test physical and mental strength. Are you tough enough to explore space?

Stardrive Express

Think Starlight express meets Mario Cart on hover boards.


Ed209, R2D2, Robocop out

Make a Scene Plasti-scene

Our friends from Aardman return to create a super-spacey stop-framed animation with ‘make-a-scene plasti-scene.’


Do you think you've got what is takes to conquer this planet? We'll put you through you paces with Laserwars. It's Survival of the fittest.

Wonky Races...

..are, quite obviously, an alien race that has crash-landed in The Garden having run out of hopper juice for their Hopper Drive engine.

In order to take off and leave the garden they must ask permission to commence mining the plentiful supply of the resource right under your feet. Space Hoppers. They will of course be submitting the appropriate paper work in triplicate to ask permission to start mining this under-recognised resource.

From initial calculations based on the soil samples they estimate that there is a high concentration of hoppers trapped within the Upper Mantle and could yield as many as 100 hoppers per day.

And we heard you may have some people turning up that wouldn’t mind helping us get back on our way.

Once mined there is a focal epicentre where we can harness the hopping power most efficiently, so it is in our interest to keep our resource close, but we have developed many unobtrusive ways of making you hop. Music is an obvious catalyst people on earth are highly receptive to and coming in many forms, but we have put a lot of research into developing activities and games to promote a good boing such as the waterless, frictionless hopper slide, Hopper Yoga, hopperlympics including races, the high hop, hop-put, and a very popular and therapeutic activity, hopper art.

Published on 26 March 2016 by Wayne Feltham

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