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Gary Numan

Bloc sat down with a selection of headliners from the 2012 festival to talk about who – or what – has influenced them in becoming the artist they are today.

Anyone who knows Bloc knows that the festival has been built on a solid commitment to delivering the finest artists known to humanity in one dizzying package that lasts the whole weekend through.

This is obviously a wonderful thing - but the artists playing at Bloc have so much more to give than just a set lasting an hour or so. We wanted to sit them down and patiently talk us through precisely what it is that happened to set them on the path they're treading with such surety today.

To this end we've produced a short video series with a selection of headliners from the 2012 festival, where they'll tell us all about who - or what - has influenced them in becoming the groundbreaking artist they so clearly are.

First in the five part series is synth pop pioneer Gary Numan. He invited us into his studio to give us the lowdown on how Ultravox was a defining influence on the ever-innovating electronic mind behind classics 'Cars' and 'Are Friends Electric'.

It's a fascinating history lesson to tee off the five part series.

Published on 21 May 2012 by Wayne Feltham

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