BBC’s Be Your Own Boss stars, Mango Bikes, launch in the UK.

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Mango Bikes

Today sees the launch of Mango Bikes, the new, fresh-thinking company that offers bespoke bicycles.

Giving the power back to the consumer, Mango Bikes allow you to custom-build your bike, choosing from hundreds of colour and component variations.

For those bored of all the low quality, ‘me too’ designs that have flooded the cycling marketplace, Mango offers a refreshing change. Its bright, high quality, customisable chassis lets your personality speak or shout very loudly; depending on your colour-ways. Mango brings a much-needed dash of modern, clean style to the world of bicycles. The tidy, uninterrupted lines and large blocks of colour on a Mango model make them as much a fashion item as a light, streamlined machine.

Handing over the design to where it belongs, with the consumer, Mango allows you to create a unique, tailor-made bike. By choosing the components and colours on the company website, you can fully customise your bike in a myriad of ways – personalising your investment to suit your style. Once you’ve placed the order Mango custom-build your bike exactly the way you want it.

Mango Bikes deliver something exciting and unique to customers’ doors and offers a lot of superior bike for a lot less than you’d expect. The bikes are made-to-order and at around £300 for a fully customised design, Mango’s bikes are eminently affordable.

With Mango, beauty is more than skin deep. All aspects of the bikes have been carefully engineered. They are light (a typical model weighs in at about 10kg), streamlined, and built to hold their speed and provide an easy ride. Moreover, a Mango bike will offer years of trouble-free riding thanks to its elegant and simple design.


Mango Bikes was founded by two university housemates who, very uninspired by what the marketplace had to offer in terms of fashion conscious, affordable bikes, decided to set up their own company providing desirable, high quality bikes without the price tag. It didn’t seem right that you could buy a car exactly to your spec or shoes to your design, but that bikes were only available in a few dull, pre-selected colours. They took things a step further and decided to let the rider design the bike; and Mango Bikes was born.

Published on 16 November 2012 by Wayne Feltham

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