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the glade festival guide 2011

A tunnelled gateway that opens out in to one of the finest underground secret clubs, just remember the way back! The Glade festival was truly a wonderland.

The Glade is back and better than ever! If you ever wondered what Alice in Wonderland felt like, then wonder no more. 

Get down at the Glade Festival, set in its stunning new Norfolk location with the friendliest crowd around. Fireworks and flamethrowers and fancydress frivolities -dance your socks off until sunrise and marvel at all the magical moments that have been created for your entertainment.

Now set in the beautiful grounds of Houghton Hall, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, there are stunning views across the grounds and plenty of space for all the nonsense going on. Slap bang in the middle was the Dance Off- held in a boxing ring, compared by a nutter and surrounded by onlookers dancing on hay bales, hapless festival goers vied with each other in various states of fancy undress to win a massive cheer from the crowd - madness! 

Read the full review on this amazing festival here

Published on 16 June 2011 by Cathi Moore

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