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This festival story is born under a magical hill which opens its doors for the animals to come out and play. Each year the festival will introduce a new creature - this year we celebrate the Owl, our guardian who will keep watch over us.

Under The Hill is an exciting new music festival, taking place on Saturday 27 May in a secret location near Evesham. The festival will showcase a diverse range of music, with a variety of influences, including Reggae, Ska, African Bass, Electroswing, Punk, Funk and more.

We have announced our headline act, Sam and the Womp, whose debut single ‘Bom Bom’ shot straight to No 1 in the UK music charts in August 2012 and has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Join us on this wild adventure and be warned, come prepared to skank til your feet drop off!

Secret Location, nr Evesham