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We are sorry to announce that OUT West Festival has been cancelled.

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Once Upon a Time in The West is run by 10 Gallon Events Ltd. (that’s the consumption at the average Board meeting); we’ve worked on many of the classic festivals in the West and all over the country, and have visited even more of them as working musicians and specialist writers.

The West Country has been the home for the finest festivals in Britain from Stonehenge to Glastonbury, Elephant Fair to WoMaD, Bath Festival of Blues to the Green Gatherings.  All great and ground-breaking events – and as a result of this, many of the most experienced and thus most laid-back festival crew are West Country people too.  A big part of the idea of OUTWest is to be Ultra-West, Way Out West (WOW!), and to focus on the great talent and top Festival fixtures that we have in these parts.  And the cider, of course.

Secret Outdoor Location, near West Ashton