New Forest Folk Festival New Forest Folk Festival

New Forest Folk Festival

The idea for a folk festival came about during a conversation between Nick and Richard Digance.

Richard has a passion for folk music, as many of you know and he suggested a folk festival at their farm farm.

So with the help of Richard and some of his friends they had their first festival. They met such a lot of lovely people, and really enjoyed themselves and had great feedback from everyone who came, that we have been hooked ever since.

Originally they were going to have a stage made of scaffold however, they found out, just 10 days before the first festival, that the company were unable to provide the staging owing to unforeseen circumstances.

Nick had the brilliant idea of making their own stage, and with a lot of help from family and friends the construction began. Thanks to Fred they got some wood from Chris at their local saw mill, he was amazing and pulled out all the stops to get all the materials to them and in just four days our rustic barn/stage was complete.

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